Thursday, December 26, 2013

Teenstreet 2013

*some photos are taken from the facebook group: Teenstreet Malaysia 2013


So I attended Teenstreet 2013 (4-8 December) along with my sister and some of the youths in SIB Likas!
It was my first time attending teenstreet camp.
There were almost 200 of us there.
Our venue was at Methodist Centre, Port Dickson.

I planned on doing a post of my packing (lol).
But unfortunately, I ended up packing last minute - like always.

My last minute packing!
So the next morning, it was time for us to leave!
Esther and I both wore a plain white tee and skater skirts.
When we arrived there, I was a tad anxious to see that everyone was in jeans/pants.
HAHA. you could say I felt a bit left out,
or perhaps out of place.

Before teenstreet, we all received 'instructions' to have an appropriate dress code throughout the camp,
as it was a camp with both genders.
And we wouldn't want any attraction or inappropriate dressing.

So for girls,
shorts had to be at least mid thigh.
No see through clothes, no low cut clothes,
round neck tees would be acceptable.
Appropriate swim wear, so no bikinis and such.

Of course, that was not much of a problem for us, as we didn't wanna swim anyways.
But we don't own any mid-length shorts, believe it or not.
So we had to borrow some of our mum's sport shorts;
and, we also got some from Cotton on!
We found guys' shorts for rm30!
It was mid-length for us, and we got it in red and blue! haha

On the way to the airport!

Ashley and I :)

Nath gave some of us chocolate condoms! haha they're chocolate!
We took MAS, and our flight to KL was pretty cheap.
It was only rm100 one way.
Thankfully, I was seated next to my sister!
Because some of us were separated.

Flights over two hours gets a free meal!
So mine was orange juice, chocolate swirl butter cake(?) and curry chicken with meehoon!

During our flight, after getting some resttttt
I really enjoyed flying MAS!
They have better service, and it's less crowded.
KLIA is just so much better. There's also duty free.
And, I always enjoy taking a look at fragrances. haha

I did realise though, that the flight attendants aren't as pretty as Air Asia's. 
I mean Air Asia's flight attendants are always so interesting to look at.
(Whether some are naturally pretty or not)
haaaaaa #fun fact: Air Asia's flight attendants seem to always have dyed hair or wear contacts.

With SIB Likas's youth leader, Susan! We had to have one leader per group :)
Some of the other youths flew Air Asia, or flew on another day;
This group flew MAS with me on this particular day!

from left to right: Brendan, unknown guy, hidden Jonathan, Evan and Jacob!

Ee Ern, Ee Ai and Ashley!

Sheldon, Nath (LOL) and Ee Ern again!
Susan and Esther!
Had lunch at BK before our long journey on the van!

With the girlsss in the van
This is our schedule throughout the camp!
It's pretty different from the other camps I've been to;
usually, we are expected to wake up pretty early, but for this camp,
they wanted us to get at least 8 hours of bed and full rest!
I'd say that this camp was pretty laid-back.
There was a whole lot of free time!

Doing the interlude!
B U T   W A I T .

To commemorate this event, I would like you to play this song while moving on.
Interlude is a dance taught to us during teenstreet.
So please,

please and thankyou.

Now moving on..
Duzie -a combination of Dan and Suzie Potter
*Power stands for.. in teenstreet's dictionary, 'sermon time'.
So that slot was when Duzie (our speakers) gave us a sermon.
It wasn't like those typical sermons where the speakers just talk the whole time.
It consisted of a bit of praise and worship, bible studio, and a whole lot of magic tricks!

One of my drawings during bible studio.
So pretty much during bible studio, three volunteers will read a chosen passage while the rest of us draw what comes to mind! It's great because teenstreet exposes different aspects of ourselves.

Duzie are both a great couple (Dan and Suzie Potter).
They are both "edutainers", where they educate biblically and entertain us with the art of illusion, comedy, storytelling and audience participation.
They have a heart for people in our generation, and it's great, because I've learned tons from them!

Relocate is a slot given for us to move on to the next schedule.

Someone during the Shhh time, taken from the Teenstreet album on FB.
*Shhh 0.5 is 30mins of silence.
This is when everyone of us separates and find our own private place to just be in silent reflection.
So, no bible studies, singing, prayer, or noise.
Just quietness in the presence of God.
Some people spent their time at the fields, where it's spacious.
Some sat beside the pool with their feet dipped in;
some walked, some sat,
and some hid.

*Net 1 and Net 2* is when we go to our net groups, which consist of our room-mates.
For me, I was blessed with awesome room-mates, and thus, a pretty awesome net group!

During net group time! We created a community (according to a task) and named it Oceana!

My last net group time :')

For this teenstreet in particular, there were workshops which we could attend to develop skills or learn things.
I attended Personality plus, where I learned more about personality types.
I discovered that I was a born Sanguine-Choleric!
I also attended Drama class; which sadly, I didn't quite enjoy.
And another workshop I joined was a 'Love your neighbour' one.
They also offered other workshops such as film-making, ukulele, know your purpose in life, etc.
However, for the rest of the time, I chose to spend my interaction time as free time.

people playing soccer on the field - i think!

Interact 1.0 and Interact 2.0 is pretty much like free time.
We were given a choice to leave it as free time,
or choose from a wide variety of activities including sports and games, workshops and such.
The only difference between interact 1.0 and 2.0 is that the Teenstreet bookshop is open for us to hang out during interact 2.0.

*Throne Room is definitely one of the best sessions on the schedule. It's pretty much a time where the worship team leads us in songs and praises. During that time, they also have a place at the back where we can worship by drawing and such. The prayer team is also available if anyone wants prayer.
I definitely made use of Throne Room session by worshipping, and later on going to the back to just draw for God. I'm not much of an artist, that, I guarantee. hahaha.
But it was nice to take a new step into worship.

During praise and worship!

Suzie was sitting opposite me, and she drew this lovely piece.
Some other people during Throne room at the back.

This guy opposite me drew something which I found very interesting.

My drawings hahaha

Interaction Zone is taken from the name itself- it's a zone to interact!
This session is kinda like free time.
You can use it as an opportunity to talk to some interesting people,
play some games in the bookstore or eat snacks from the teenstreet cafe.

We spent our first night eating cupcakes.
Ee Ern got dared to eat oreo and put some on her teeth lol
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is pretty much self explanatory. lol
These are some of my meals.

Dinner, lunch, breakfast, dinner

lunch, dinner, breakfast dinner
My Room-mates:

They were definitely a highlight of the event!
I was blessed with awesome room-mates.
(I even got a chance to catch up with two of them after teenstreet!)

Before TS, we had the option to be in a group with our church youth or people from other youths.
I chose other people; And at the beginning, I was pretty regretful about that;
especially because lately I've been closer to the youths at SIB Likas,
and separating from the girls (and my sister) to live with strangers, was definitely a dreadful thought!

However, I kept an open mind about it.
And I was so glad I did!
We were mostly grouped with people our age, and with one leader.

Amy and I!

Amy is my leader, and she's such a blessing!
She's full of joy, gentleness, and love; but most importantly, she is such a God-fearing woman!
I learned so so so much from her as a leader and friend.
She has the gift of prophesy, and she loves praying! (and hugs!)
We absolutely adore her.

With Venessa!
With my room-mate, Venessa! Upon our meeting after several minutes, haha

Venessa is another room-mate which we all adored!
She's so bubbly, loud, open and rude.
YES, RUDE. haha. but we all love her.
She was a little twinkle to our room.

With Celine! again

Celine is a friend of Venessa's.
In fact, they are good friends, and she was the one who brought Venessa!
Celine is a very honest, a tad reserved, laid-back and an easy-to-talk-to kinda girl. 
I heard she is also the type to be in leadership positions at school! 
It was nice to have her as a room-mate!

And last, but definitely not least, meet Charissa!
A talent regarding hair and beauty! (She's doing my hair on the left)
Her and a few others decided to braid people's hair for charity towards Syrian kids!
Both of us, known to be the 'motherly-type' in our rooms have a few things in common!
We are both kinda OCD (hahahah) and perfectionists.
She pointed out that the both of us like to tip toe around the room, 
and are the only ones who did not leave our brushes in the bathrooms.
But wait, doesn't everyone kinda tip-toe and stuff when living elsewhere? no?
lol okay nevermind. Other than that, She's also a very bright person, down to earth, and relatable!

Having our talks before bed! hehe

Thankyou Oceana members for being awesome room-mates! :P
I hope that we get a chance to reunite again, someday!
All the best to you guys, God bless!

Other photos:

lol camwhoring while walking.

lunching :D
With my sisterrrrr

Gotta love them cornettos 

I learned how to make a rose with paper napkins!

Everyone from Sabah! Our youth, SIB Likas and another youth.

Video links of teenstreet 2013:
*please watch in 720p HD

Videos above are short clips showing parts of teenstreet throughout.
They are not done by me. All credits to its maker.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved!
Credits to the photographers and anyone who owns the pictures I used!

Looking back, I did enjoy teenstreet!
I look forward to the next one next year!
But I'll be 18 and thus, I'll be in the service team! hehehe.

Goodbye! love,



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    1. haha i posted it on fb when i uploaded this post :) thankyou!