Sunday, December 22, 2013

Missed me?


Hiiiiii *cuddly hug.
missed me? hehehehehe
(rhetorical question btw, don't answer)

Either way, I kinda missed you.
haaa, it's been tough finding a chance to blog;
especially spending my whole day and night shopping and eating,
blogging was definitely not fit for that.
But many things crossed my mind throughout my trip,
and I can't wait to just share/do them!

And ofcourse, I will do as I promised - blog about my trip.
However, I've been super duper busy.
I was away for almost half of December!
I went for Teenstreet (a Christian event involving the gathering of youths around M'sia), for 4 nights, 5 days.
Following that, I spent four days in KL shopping away,
BTW within those 9 days, I gained 2kgs!

I then visited Jakarta for 6 days! and back to KL for another 2 days!
I will be posting in separate posts;
perhaps one on teenstreet,
one for Jakarta, and one specially for KL!

I just came back four days ago, but even so, it was quite a full schedule ahead.
I spent the night I arrived unpacking most - not all of my things.
Oh, and I shall try to do a FULL haul :)
But if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen two pictures of a part of my early haul in KL.

The next day after I arrived, we (my sisters, my mum and I) slept in a little bit;
unpacked, and took a trip to the saloon - which we ended up spending six hours there!
My mum just washed and blow dried her hair,
Esther did the same, except she got a little trim.
Emmeline bleached and re-dyed her hair purple, and got a trim too.
And I, added lowlights to my hair and got a trim too!
Yeaaaah, that would explain the six hours.

My sister dyed her hair purple herself, but it faded so she wants to re-dye it purple. This is her bleaching her hair.

blondeeeeeeee then purple.

lol Est having a haircut

Esther's end result.

That's my hair heeee

If I'm not mistaken, she's diffusing my hair with a blowdryer (cause my hair is curled).

My hairstylist - Aunty Judy and my mum! They have been friends since we were like really young.

My hair before: second day hair, and combed out curls; thus, oily and waved out..

After: I got a trim, added lowlights, and my hair was blowdried; thus. curlier curls.

The next day after, we had a wedding to attend!
James Wong and Annie Ong!
Lovely couple they both are!
I even saw some familiar faces!
Heads up, there aren't any pictures with 'familiar faces' or the bride and groom.
HAHA I just camwhored a little. soz

dat quality sorry

After, Esther and I went to Suria for a movie with Sarah!
We watched a movie on dinosaurs.
absolutely nasty.
We left like half an hour before the movie ended.
Sarah couldn't stand it; can't blame the poor girl.
It was pretty bad.
The first movie I left before it ended.

With my sisters, Sarah and my mum at Digi!

Dai Dai roll!

Maguro Lover!
And then at night, I had to go over to Matt's house for a shoot we are currently doing for Christmas!
At first, I thought it would be a little awkward because it was just me.
The rest of the crew had already done their part,
and Matt just needed me for the extra scenes.
Plus, I had dinner with his family.
HAHA. Actually, it was my first time having dinner with a guy's family.. alone.
Like without my parents, yaknoooow like not the usual kinda meet other people through parents kinda thing.

Thankfully, it was nice.
His family was very warm.. and I didn't feel awkward at all. haha.
I ate before I went to his house, so I just had soup which his dad made.
They spoke cantonese, mandarin and english throughout the dinner.
I made conversations with his parents, and a little bit of this and that with Matt and his sister.
But other than that, mostly his parents over the table.
haha. Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself!
It gives me a tad more courage to pass my future meals with my future bf's family.

Not that Matt was like my bf or anything. hahaha
But yaknoooow, it had that slight awkwardness as I was like the only stranger.
Like yaknow.

Shooting the last scene with Matt!

I had to wear my 'pjs' and glasses for this particular scene;

ANYWAYYYS, continuing..

Then came Sunday, where we are finally back at church.
I spent the rest of my day at Suria hanging out with Esther and Asher!
OH I also saw Sasha!
She's back for two weeks only!

Asher is a.. well, you could say childhood friend - as we met several times when we were younger.
But boy, has he grown! And we actually had a nice little outing.

My main lunch haha - went to Sushi Tei agaaaain. Can never be bored of Jap :P

Spent the rest of noon having talks at Just Berrys!

Apparently Asher said Esther won against him two years ago in NZ.. he went back depressed; hahaha, and Esther challenged him again..

They had to do two rounds, because the first round lasted for quite awhile, and Asher was shocked at Esther's strength. I was literally containing my laughter. After taking a break for round 1 upon mutual agreement, round 2.... welll, I'll keep the winner a secret :P hehhhhhh

Moving on to the evening, I watched the movie Undeserved - (a Skyline production).
Which I found pretty good, despite the other comments I've heard.
I teared up several times, which kinda caught me wondering why.
I got to see some of my friends from youth, and several other familiar faces,
which left me feeling contented.

So here I am, blogging to end my night.
I will be working on my holiday posts!
There are tonssssssss of photos, which I have to transfer from my phone to my laptop, and then yeaaaaaah.
It'll take awhile. So bear with me, but I will try not to drag it as far as Valentines next year.

I will be posting soon;
Until then, goodnight.
Love ya!


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