Sunday, November 24, 2013

UPDATE: October/ November (part 2)

h i   a g a i n

[ part two of my update: october/november post ]

Sunday 17th November:

Acting all cray and stuff

lol don't ask

We had lunch at Burgerbar and co! I'm working on the post on the day itself on my food blog!
We also purchased a few macaroons from Lady Bonbons!

I then had dinner at Hi-Seoul with a few friends from my church! Sheldon and John!
Then we had supper/dessert at Coffeebean! Ashley and Nath! haha look at Nath's disgusted face :P

NAWH Sheldon winking hahah so cute

Thursday 21st November:

 And several days ago, I finally got to catch up with my favourite cousin, Sheleen!

Thursday 14th November:

Oh, and if you've got a good eye, you may have realised..
that I permed my hair!!!!
Yes, I finally decided to iron-perm my hair!

Several hours after the perm; it was blow-dried and all.

So yes, my hair is mid-length now, slightly shorter;
and if you're wondering, no, I didn't re-dye my hair because I wanna reduce the damage done.
However, I may dye it after my trip - in December probs!
This is how it really turned out though! The curls are definitely a bit smaller, kinda like waves.
I may do a hair update soon though, just on all the other details that several people have asked.

Saturday, 23rd November:

Watched Catching Fire (again) with these darlings!

Then spent several hours at Debz with Esther;
because we had plans to attend a ballet concert!

Our ballet tickets! SOOO cute right?

A selfaaay before the concert!

lol typical Esther.

Sarah is the first ballerina! Jewell is next to her!

Sarah is the furthest to the right, front row. and Jewell beside her!

haha Esther was fascinated at how the tutu was like a table!

Deborah and Sarah! aw!

Deborah, Esther and I!

Matty! He dyed his hair, with a slight purple too!

Jewell and Jess!

With David :)

Jasmine!!! :) She's my youth leader!

With Melanie, she was one of the ballerinas too!

And I asked this random boy if he wanted to join us for a photo, and he said sure! haha
Sunday, 24th November:

We had our last Supercrew this week!
I was appointed as a leader of one out of three teams.
Team Red!!!!

hehe with this darling! If you've read my previous posts,
she's that little angel who gave me gifts and cards :)

Took a photo with the guys, majority of the youth are helpers too!

With the other team leaders: Ee ai and Jenny! :) We get bow tags!
Ee Ai and I :)

One of my helpers, and friend: Jared!

Finally though, we placed 3rd for our quizzes and games :X heee,
well, it's all about the fun! My team was amazing. :D

With my helpers: Jared and Ashley!
Hehe with this cute angel

My little team! :) Most of them were pretty enthusiastic!

After church.. Esther and I went to have lunch with Nathy at Citymall;
We didn't take many photos, but while we were at it..
Esther decided to take a photo of us to show us how we look when we camwhore;

How we look when we camwhore

How we look on my phone :D

So those are a summary of my holiday so far I guess!
Pretty much been indulging in the latest Korean drama..

T H E     H E I R S

Yesssssssssss, THE heirs. It's freaking amazing.
So good. It's probably better than Boys over flowers!
And, Lee Min Ho is the main starring!
Not that I'm a huge fan of Lee min ho himself, but I really like his characters.

This pretty much sums up their relationship in the drama.

Like every other korean drama, this is full of drama and complications.
The only thing I have to complain about...
is that it's new.
Which means, the episode comes out weekly.
So every Wednesday and Thursday, it a new episode comes out.
And then I have to wait for..
the. whole. entire. week.

Sigh. #myfirstworldproblems

Moving on, I have a question for you guys!

What do guys like?
as in.. for birthdays, or Christmas, or just as a gift!

You could leave a comment here, or perhaps on my :)

And gois, my has been super duper lonely lately.
Like pls.
Do me a favour.
Ruin its loneliness.
love you hehehehehehe