Saturday, November 23, 2013


As days go by, it gets easier to get back up.
It gets easier to go back to moving on.
It gets easier to not think of him like that anymore.

It's funny and ironic;
Because I know that ill be left hanging and this will forever be unresolved.
Or at least,  not in the way I want it to be.

I smirk, Because when I examine myself,
I see how fragile I am.
For this, for you, even him.
Probably everything.

It shows because I delete our conversations straight after goodbyes,
even though I have it running through my mind.
And I erase these, because I don't want to find myself missing something that isn't there,
 I don't want to see myself stuck with someone who doesn't care.

The thing about flings and relationships,
 is that the attachment will always be there.
Especially if you once felt something true for the person.

And it gets frustrating, for me; because I think I've managed.
And then you say something that leaves me waiting,
or he comes back apparently for nothing.

And then it's all a test again.
Back and forth; round and around we go.
Crazy huh, how these things can really stick to a person.
Or in this case, me.

And yet I thought it's suppose to get easier
the more I've hurt and learned.
Maybe it doesn't.
Perhaps it's all difficulty level x100 too.

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