Saturday, November 23, 2013

UPDATE: October/November (part 1)

h a l o    d e r    r e e d a r s

I know I haven't been blogging 'properly' consistently.
My apologies.
You guys were stuck with my rambles on luv, cheesay gooey emotions, heartbreak crap and all dat.
But this is THE month for such.. so ya

Anyways back on topic. *looks at title
honestly, I know it can be a pain reading a long post update due to a slack blogger.
to make up for the lack of updates.
I have tons of photos stocked up on my phone;
and I didn't wanna make it a pain to look at all of them,
sooooooooooooo I cut down several. (not relli)

Anyways, let's begin!

I will be going away very very soon!
Taking a visit to KL and Bankok for awhile.
Hurray! I promise - yes, underlined, bold, italic promise,
that I will make a post on my trip.

I did one on Singapore when I was moving back to Malaysia last year,
and had really good feedback on it.
However, I said I would do one on my trip to Philippines, but delayed and made quite a shitty one.
I had too many photos, information, etc okay! It was really hard to write it all down.
And in the end, I just made a crap post on it.

But I am pretty excited for this coming trip!
As I will be travelling with my sister, for the first time.. without my parents!!
lol okay so it's not a big deal to you maybe,
but I still visit the doctors with my mum kayyyyyyyy.
(Trips to the clinic/dentists is a must with a mum - for me!)
Not only will I be travelling with my sister though,
I'll be going with some of the youth from my main church - SIB KK.
It'll be pretty exciting, as we will all be attending teenstreet! (YAY)

Then I'm meeting with my dear sister and mum after this,
stay awhile in KL; meet up with our dad for a family trip to Bankok!
So I will try to pre-write some posts to post up during my trip.
OR if you guys would be kind enough, can you give me suggestions on topics to write about?
Because I have tons in mind, but never end up starting; example:

- My dream guy best-friend
- church relationships
- the kind of person to look for
- aunties and their comments
- mean girls
- purity

and so on.

Anyways, my mum is away in Jerusalem,
and here I am free at home, free from work, free from school.
Like I've been so slack, it's crazy.
(Indulging in an amazing korean drama ^.^)

I've also managed to fit some house duty into my slothfulness;
Been cleaning the house, tidying my room, making meals for my sister and I.
So for the first time, I handled raw chicken!
By the way, I do not like the smell of raw chicken. Kinda nasty.

But here is a preview of two of my meals;

pan-fried chicken with melted cheese, and salad with apples and boiled eggs.

wrap with a mango salad and smoked duck.

OH! I also made a food blog, due to a request on my :)
This is the link to my food blog!
I may start to post short posts on my meals and food intake during my trip on my food blog,
so do check it out.

Here are the first batch of my photos! I will make a part two, because I don't want to cramp the different photos from different events into one post.

So this was two Sundays ago, if I am not mistaken.
Went to a family friend's birthday party at Puteri Damai.
Took some ootd photos. haaaa

Threw Haojie a surprise dinner three fridays ago!

Samuel Fam and I!

Haojie, Xiao ni, David, Samuel, Joshwell, How Uei and I!
How ueizzzzz

So yeaaaaaa I shall make a part 2, as I have many more photos recently.
Until then, hope you guys are having a good November!

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