Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quickie post update

Hello you.

I know I haven't updated as consistently as I would,
I'm still having my exams.
My last paper is this coming Wednesday.
And I'm so excited for this week to pass by,
then I'll be freeeeeeee

I bought a new backpack! yay, gonna start to use it when I go on holiday next month :)

Camwhoring on Sam's scary iOS 7 effect :B

I've been good actually!
I know for the last few posts, I may have sounded a bit sad...
haha, but tbh, i get over things really quickly.
And I'm okay now.
I've just been super duper stressed and busy with work and exams and all.
Like wow, I have the busiest schedule ever.

I cramp in 8 hours of tuition (3 subjects) in a week, along with 16 hours of work, 
and every other time for a whole lot of studying, and teeny weeny bits.
I feel like I'm in between the life of a student and a working young adult.
Like no joke, stressful crap there.
I've just been studying a whole lot, working like a busy bee, and juggling tuitions and life, etc.

After exams end though, I'll be more free! YAY.
No more tuitions, last month for work, and I have more time for other things.
Starting last night, I took so long to sleep because in my mind, 
there are like tons and tons of things I cannot wait to do.

Like wow. I can't wait to finally go to worship practice, after putting it on hold for a few months.
And I may pull out from teenstreet worship practice, because I won't have the time.
I'm gonna be in a flashmob! :D yay, I can't wait. 
I'm gonna try to incorporate working out more now.
I can finally go out, YESSSSSS

Like man, there's just so many things.

I shall blog after my exams okay? :)

See ya in a week :D

P.S- what do you think of my new layout?
I changed it because I like change.
And actually, I wanted to change it to more of a classic look, like tumblr.
but .. I don't know how :C


Tumblr - I don't actually use it; it's filled with photos for fashion inspiration, and little wee things.
Instagram - I'm super active! but you have to have an account to view my profile :B SOZ.
Twitter - It's full of my random thoughts. and feelings. hm.

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