Thursday, November 7, 2013

BMI: Kelly 3

"Stop! Please. No.. Please, stop. Don't. please...." Amy cries.
The darkness closes in. 
She shifts her body away until she's come to nowhere.
Now, the room is filled with colours from grey to black.
A piercing scream fills the room.

"James! Run!" 
And this psychopath tries to catch on. And he does.
And now suspense is building up.

Then Daniel puts his arms around me.
And I let him, but only for a few minutes.

It's been like that for about a month now.
Daniel and I.
He's been here for me ever since that day..
and I can't thank him enough.

Although I know that his feelings has always been there,
I try not to accept it altogether at once,
just because I feel like it's unfair to him.
He doesn't deserve someone like me,
someone who can't give him half of what he offers me.

He's a great guy,
And not that he's not my type, 
But it's just that after him,
I can't really imagine myself in love like that again.

And it's unfair, 
because if I could examine my heart, 
What's left is broken pieces..
And Daniel deserves a heart untouched.

When the movie ended,
Daniel sent me home.
And he held my hands;
His hands had a comfortable warmth that seemed to make mine linger.

As we arrived at the porch,
I slowly took my hands away.
"Well, um goodnight." I said,
And he just looks at me.

My hands was then reaching for the door, only to find that it was still locked.
(Okay, I know that sounded a bit creepy, but it wasn't.)

"Um Daniel.... The door?"
"Ohh, uh yea, sorry", and he unlocks it.
But I just sat there. 

And his eyes was focused on me the whole time, as if he could read me.
And he kisses me,
Surprisingly softly.
And I just sat there,
Like.. Like a fish.

(Well that made a nice image in your mind hm? A fish.... Sushi!)

When he pulled back, he looked at me to find any sparks in my eyes. 
And his face was like a puzzle I'd be stuck fixing together.

"Daniel.. I.. I'm sorry."
"Because... Well.."
"You don't need to be sorry."

But I am.
I am because I knew how vulnerable he is, I knew how much he loves me, and yet I allowed myself to receive comfort from him, when I know the only comfort I can give is the opposite, plus silence.

That makes.. Uncomfortable silence.
And it stays like this for what seems to be forever.

Then he ruins the uncomfortable silence by saying..

"I've always loved you Kelly."
Uncomfortable silence.
Awkward uncomfortable silence.
My eyes then built up the courage to look into his.

"Will you give me a chance?"


(To be continued... maybe :P)