Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And I breakdown, again.

Why do I have these emotions?
I'm okay. I'm happy. Im glad. I'm thankful. I'm fine.
But why do I cry?
Why do I breakdown in the silence and emptiness of my mind?

What are these mixed emotions that wear me down? Why are these trials coming so fast? Why do I expect? Why do I hurt, why do I feel unappreciated, used and worn?

But I understand.
I have to, I always do.
And I'm okay, because the world isn't perfect. I fall, you fall, hard. People are like that.

Sometimes, even the closest people don't know; that I hurt. That they are sometimes the cause of it.
So close, so oblivious.
They know me, but they don't really know. No one knows. Except you.

I'm okay though.
I've got you, God.
My hope is in you.
I trust in you.
You're my joy.

Even though my insides are crumbling,
And the walls of my world are tearing,
I'll be okay.

Because I've got you.
You're my supply.
You're my strength.
You're my refuge.
You're my Lord, my God, my all.
You never fail me.


  1. David asked the same questions.
    Cried the same cries.
    Praised God with the same words of thanks.

    You can be a king!

  2. God: I love you too much to let you cling to the things of this fading world