Sunday, October 27, 2013

Moving on and letting go

What's the difference,
When everyone seems to see it as the same; the only path after heartbreak.

Moving on is like a journey with baggage.
A path that means continue, but hold on. It's like after a heartbreak, you carry this heavy luggage around with you, wherever you go.

You're continuing, you're still living life, but then, you're just moving on. Because, that's the only option right?

You're moving forward, you're heading somewhere, elsewhere, but with something still held on to.

And even though you live, even though you feel happy again, you still see that baggage hand in hand with you.

Letting go is leaving the luggage at a destination. It's halting it from clinging on, it's saying farewell, it's completely gone.

Its walking through this path called life without the baggage. It's like a continuous journey; you don't go back again.

You can only turn back to look where it's left. And with time, the further the journey, the more the baggage is minimized. And soon enough, it's gone. You look back to see it so far away, that your focus can barely grasp it.

Moving on it's like thinking you're able to live life without the person, just because of the absence and silence, you're able to continue with life. Like continue to move forward.

But it's different from letting go, because you still see the memories emerging. You still miss the person. You still have unresolved feelings. You still have all that. Just that, you're able to continue without the person. But still keeping the baggage.

Are we on the same page? No?

To know whether you've let go, is being able to leave everything.
It's not just the act of deleting memories, pictures, messages..
It's being able to have the person and feelings diminished.
Is it possible? How do you even do that?

Perhaps time will tell.
Because I can't tell whether I've let go.
I don't even know how.
Baby steps, but yet it seems like my feet are so small, that I barely moved.

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