Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's draining, my mind is straining.
My strength, my hope is placed on Him.
But then I stumble, and then I fall.
Weariness unfolds, and the overwhelming feelings fill me.

Limited time, but so many things to do.
I've got this and that and these and those to worry.
It's so hard, to do everything when I'm just me.
But I keep trying, and trying and trying, but it's tiring.

And then I breakdown, my tears are overflowing.
Sobbing, hoping, groaning, and knowing;
I'll come crashing down again and again, and again.

But I'm still weeping,
my heart is breaking,
my strength is disintegrating,
my mind is worrying.

It's so hard, no one understands.
I'm just a teenager.
But I want this, and that, I want all of it.

But then I hurt, and break, and come undone so easily..
God, give me the strength,

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