Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dear future me

*challenged by Aaron Heng: write a letter to yourself ten years down the road

Dear future me (ten years down the road),

Twenty seven, huh? Well that's quite a number. And just looking ten years back from me now, I was seven, migrating to KL.. Enough about me, you.

I wonder where in this world you are right now; are you living in a busy city, filled with the distractions of it's man-made beauty? Are you back in the familiar home of a beloved place your pre-adolescent years hold? Or Perhaps you're back at your own country, like how you planned many years ago? Or maybe, just maybe, a mysterious foreign place I've yet to come to know;

Is there a diamond ring wrapped securely on the ring finger of your left hand, or is it still the purity ring that symbolizes the promise which you made?

Are you happily married to your one and only, which the Lord your God has kept? Are you living out your duty to be the proverbs 31 wife?

Are you a mother, the dream you've always held dear? Or are you still waiting, with a hopeful heart and no fear?

The people that placed foot in your life, are they still walking the same journey? Or have their paths crossed to an end?

Have you grown to be stronger, a woman with an admirable character? Do your actions reflect in your identity as a servant of Christ?

Are you more beautiful at heart, have you turned out to be more mature and captivating?

All these questions in mind; probably my inquisitiveness is based upon my current values.

I hope that wherever you are, whoever you've become, whatever circumstances you're facing, you're only growing stronger and better each day.

I hope that when you look back at the last ten years or more, that you're contented with your decisions. 

I hope that you know that each step you took, every joy and pain, every blessing and deprivation contributed to who you are now as a person.

When you look at your present stage, you may seem so alone. Your journey is so unclear, probably filled with distractions, burdens and responsibilities.

But wherever you are at this very moment, whoever that is in your life, whatever circumstances you're facing, know that God put you there for a reason.

And why do you fear? why do you doubt? why are you worried? why are you complaining?

Hasn't he been faithful throughout your whole life? He was, and so much more. That, I can be so sure of :)

So darling me, my only hope and worry is that if you are going through trials, that you'll see God in it, and develop perseverance with the strength that he has given you to come out stronger for his glory. You always have. You just need the little reminder.

Remember that in your sufferings, you will produce perseverance, and perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Trust in God.

 Psalms 37:23-24

Love and hope from ten years back,


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