Sunday, October 20, 2013

September favourites


I was planning to post this early this month, but I didn't have the time.
So sorry for the late September favourites, but here they are!

Favourite food: Oatmeal biscuits

Honestly, I can never get enough. Last month, I tried the original (hazelnut - I think) and this month, we kinda bought every single flavor! There's a stawberry and berry one, something like such; but I didn't quite like that one. I am currently snacking on the dark chocolate one, and it's sooooo good. It tastes exactly like a dupe of chipsmore, just a healthy version! And the calories and fats and sugar are lower than the other two flavors! Which I found surprising! So I got an extra packet of dark chocolate :3 I posted this picture on Instagram, and got several comments on how much people love them! So yea, looking for a healthy snack? Oatmeal biscuits are the one for you!

Favourite makeup product: the Balm bronzer!

So I purchased this early September and started using it, I love it! My older sister has one, which is how I got to know the product. I never really owned a bronzer, but thought I'd add it to my makeup 'collection'. since I work now, I decided to purchase it! I got this from Sasa for RM65. I think it was on a tiny sale? It used to be RM70, if I'm not mistaken. But it's a great bronzer for contouring because it doesn't have sparkles or glitter or whatever. So yeap!

Favourite beauty product: Wella balance scalp serum

Okay so about two months (or more) ago, I noticed that my hair was falling like heaps. I guess it may be due to my damaged hair, or my change in diet, or my overly washed hair, but it dropped alot. And I was afraid I was gonna go bald(er). So my mum purchased this hair product serum thing for hair fall from the salon for RM100 or RM99 - I forgot the price, but it's been doing wonders for me. My hair stopped falling, and I can even see baby hairs growing on my scalp. Haha so yea! Plus, the reviews online for this product is so far, good!

Favourite Drink: Birthday cake ice blended

Something about coffee bean that appeals to me lately. I took a few trips to buy this birthday cake drink last month. I usually go for Starbucks, but coffee bean has this atmosphere which I've been liking, and I can't wait to bring my sister there for lunch after exams! Their menu looks pretty good! So this is my current favourite from cb.

Favourite clothing/accessory/footwear: Yellow sandals

I think I got this for RM20 from Vincci. It was on sale, and I needed an alternative for jandals/sandals, so I decided to purchase twinnies sandals with my sister. She got the purple one, and I got the yellow one! We wanted the pink one instead of the purple one, but it didn't have our size. However, these yellow sandals make me feel like I'm wearing sunshine on my feet.

Favourite song: hide your love away by Anthem Lights

This song was made known to me from my sister, which was introduced by Sarah, which was introduced by Louis I'm guessing, since I saw him tweet about it. It's a lovely song for your future loved one? It's about hiding your love; kinda like waiting on the right one.

Favourite verse: "charm is deceptive, beauty is vain, but a woman who fears The Lord is to be praised."

I am currently in love with this verse! I think it's very encouraging and so true. Because many times, charm is deceiving, and beauty fades. But only your love for God will be everlasting and can emanate true beauty and joy.

Favourite app: twitter!

Haha beforehand, people asked me to make twitter. But I've always hesitated because it's mostly about following celebrities; and honestly, I'm not much of a fan gurl person. So yaaaa. Other than that, twitter is mainly to tweet about little things, and mostly about heartbreaks and complications. Haha but I got twitter last month! And I guess it's great for expressing; and just stalking people's thoughts and figuring out their situations. 

So yea! That's that for my September favourites :)
I shall be posting soon! My exams are starting on Wednesday! eep!
Have a good week ahead!

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