Sunday, October 13, 2013

The run

My heart seems weary, and my lungs choke up as i attempt to catch a consistent breathing rate.

My throat starts to go dry like the desert wind that sweeps by.
My chapped lips are expelling dry air accompanied with a swift sharp sting at the back of my throat.

I try to look up and keep my head high;
The luscious trees wave and the glistening sun shines brightly against the clear blue water. 

How I wish I could be drenched in the soothing coldness of the pool under the golden sun rays as the gentle wind entangles around my body..

"Run fattie run"

I stare down at my legs, gasping for air.
My heart tightens as I feel the pain.

I look up and straighten my posture.
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

The separate personalities of the voices in my head emerges. 

"That's what you get for eating so much"

My feet are crying; sore, steady and striving. My arms grab on to the handles to regain myself. Run low, pick up your strength and go.

Two more minutes and you can slow down, RUN.

I hear the thumping sound of the strength of my feet as it slams on the ground; 


Haha hiiiiiiya :)

So this short um composition above is inspired by my running workout. I was running yesterday and while running, all these things were going through my mind; I told myself I had to blog about it, just to express the temporary pain I was in.

So actually, I don't run for long, and I'm not exactly the fastest runner. Especially compared to the guys in my gym, (which are actually older people) they run like hard out. Dripping sweat on the treadmill and calve muscles popping and all. 

I try to include more cardio in my workout. So when I do workout, i do 30mins of cardio - usually running. I run at a speed of 5 for 1 or 2mins for a start; and then I run at a speed of 8 for another three mins. And then a speed of 10 for another two mins. So actually, I alternate my speed quite frequently. I would run at a speed of 8, and change it up every few minutes to 10.

And gosh, it's tiring. I mean seriously, it doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it hurts. My lungs and feet and all. 

Haha but then after the workout, it's like allgoods. The pain numbs or fades.
So yea :)

And this was yesterday, yay stripes on a Sunday :)

Hehe I shall update soon! Sorry for not updating for awhile, been quite busy! 

Anyways, its a public holiday tomorrow, so have a good one you malaysians! I'll be spending mine studying. exams starting next week! eep! take care!

Ps- sorry this is a late post, i published it on Monday, but it failed to post, and I only knew like now. So yea, sozzz

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