Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blessed weekend

Hi raindrops.

Why can't she just have one nice normal picture with me
OH. there will be tons of photos on this post btw so yea, hang on there.
This weekend was a blessed weekend for me!
Nothing much really happened, but yet I was so contented.

My parents were away on Friday night, because a friend of theirs
had a free room at Sutera, (due to God's divine blessing I'd say),
so Esther and I were at home alone :D
HA but I didn't do much. did some studying and watched some TV.

On Saturday, it was a public holiday! YAY :)
So I had a whole day off work, and quite an eventful day too!
That morning, our parents picked us to have a breakfast buffet at Sutera.
However, they picked us only slightly beore 10am - and the buffet ends at 10.30am.
So we only had half an hour to eat, but it didn't go to waste :D
haha I ate 5 meals in half an hour. O.o

It wasn't the best buffet I've been too, but I was contented with it anyways :)

SIGH IDK why my sister always does all these nasty faces :(


Y so insecure

So after that, we accompanied our parents for breakfast, and my dad and Esther started exchanging geographical facts; Like what's the capital of this country, or what's been happening on the news lately, etc.

Did you know, that turtles apparently breathe through their butts? or that butterflies taste with their legs?

Yea, well that was mostly the thing I caught onto during our family conversations.
My dad and Esther are more of the inquisitive type, always wanting to know more about facts.
Whereas, I'm more into psychological thinking. And I'd much rather inquire about relationships, or lifestyle, or psychological things.

It's funny, because both my parents are so different. Almost opposite, as some would say.
And they produced three kids who are also very different.

lol haha meet my parents:

Esther loves to take like our bad photos to make memes or weird captions on it.

lol yeaaaaaa

Esther looking all pretty, haha she curled her hair :D and it's very rare of her to just smile normally.
So during noon, I went to Suria to have a farewell lunch for Sasha with my cell of girls.
A few of them couldn't make it, so there were just six of us.
Sadly, we didn't take any photos :( So yea, sozzzzz
But we ate at Sushi Tei (YAY JAPANESE) and had our conversations and all.

So for those of you who don't know Sasha, she's a family friend of mine since like we were little kids.
I remembered showering with her in the bath tub when we were kids. haha yeaaaa
And now she's going to UK to study! So I wish her all the best :)

This is sasha! and this photo was last Christmas.
So actually, my sister came along to Suria with us, but then she stayed at Times(bookstore)
because she didn't wanna join us for lunch.
So after lunch, I felt bad for leaving her there for hours,
so I treated her to lunch, at Sushi Tei. hahhaa so I went back there againnn.

We did a little shopping for several hours, walking around and talking;

My haul, I splurged on some active wear, masks, army green flats and some drugstore make up products.

The jacket is so comfy, and I love the navy colour.
Plus, it's an alternative to more boy cardis.
AND, I'm thinking of doing a review on the drugstore makeup I bought,
just because I won't be dyeing my hair for the remaining of this year,
and I figured I haven't done a review in so long, so why not.

I tried them today (Sunday), and so far, I love them! :D

And then on Saturday night, we had a birthday dinner to go to;
I didn't take that many photos, because well, I didn't feel like it.
It was okay, nothing much really happened.

I spent majority of my night sitting on the couch watching some kid show,
and talking to Kimberly! Haven't caught up with this girl in so long, so it was nice hearing from her.

Kimberly and I :)

 Sunday Funday;
YAY OCTOBER. I'm not on duty, so it's kinda good to be back at service.

Esther and Nath AWWWW

Sho cute, co-incidentally matchy today.

They both look so adorable, haha. 
Nath was lookin' all good today. YAY Jumpers.

 AND, last but not least!
Remember last week, I posted photos on this girl giving me a handmade notebook and highlighters?

WELL, today, during service, she was looking at me. And I waved at her, haha.
After service, she came to me. And she said, I have some more things for you.
So she took out this plastic bag that had 'thank you' on it, haha.
and I was like AW thanks :) And then she left.

So inside consisted of:

From left to right, top to bottom: another handmade notebook, a letter, another handmade letter, and a little present parcel.
The front page: filled with her sticker collection :)

The back page: so many handrawn hearts :)

Her letter to me :)

HAHA So cute, the writing in red on the cover says:

i only have one BFF Please don say I don friend you
soals I will don BFF gade are BFF

HAHA okay so I don't fully understand the last bit, but my sister translated
'soals' to so else

The parcel: another letter, some accessories and a wrapped present

Her mini letter :)

The wrapped present
The accessories.
 So yea, I feel really hm, adored? :')
haha, it's very sweet of her.
And it's actually my first time having a little admirer put their admiration into hard copy.
It's cute because I love receiving gift, especially cards!

And it's adorable to see little kids actions.
I remembered being a little kid and always admiring older girls who I thought were pretty.
But I never really went to this extent.

Haha I just hope that she doesn't give me something every week though,
or I'd feel pretty bad for receiving all these things.
But Thanks God for your divine favour :)

Anyways, gotta study! My exams are at the end of the month! EEP :B
Good luck to all those who are having theirs too!

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  1. Who's that ah? U better show me who nathania is next week. so cuteeee oh hahaha.
    and esther looks so cute without her weird looks haha. she looks pretty. but i usually dont see her weird side in real life. so i get her prettier side more often. LOL
    and ur mom's "love u beb" is also super cute LOL