Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear me

*inspired by: My very good friend, Kenny! He wrote this. So it's pretty much a letter to your old self, from your present self. He did two, which actually kinda complicated things for me, because they were both at different ages. So I figured I'd write to my 13 year old self, from my 17 year old self. So the letter would pretty much focus on just the year I was in, which was 2009, nothing further. And maybe next year, I'd write to my 14 year old self, from my 18 year old self. IDK. haha maybe I shall make a poll, and you guys can vote which age I should write to, cause they were all interesting years :P anyways, here we go.
Dear 13 year old me,

This is where it all begins. This is the year where things start to change. This year is that year that will form a foundation of a big part of you.

You'll meet people that will make you temporarily joyful, people you thought mattered, people that you'll see throughout your pre-adolescence years.

Friends; this is the year where you start to build who you are as a person. The people that will surround you are from different circle of friends. You'll waste your time on people you think could have benefitted you, people who you'll exchange fake laughter, gossip and hugs with. But you will also encounter people that will build you up and strengthen you as a person. The inner circle of friends you'll make will be there for you even in the next following years to come. Many of you will part your ways, so cherish the friendships and experiences you guys share.

Boys; girl, you need to control yourself. Half - no, all of the guys you think you'll like, you actually don't. Please have some standards and not fall for douchebags please. If they seem to be that great, keep them as your friend, because trust me, anything more will break you.

However, if you choose to date assholes, please don't wear jeans on your first date. Don't buy those cartoon tees from jayjays. Don't bring the powder either. Don't even kiss the guy. Don't link arms with him, because both your arms will hurt like crap i tell you. Oh and don't wait for ming's date, he's gonna make you guys late and miss like the first part of the movie.

Okay, no actually, Chelsea, please just don't date anyone when you're thirteen. I promise you, you'll thank me.

If anything you should put your heart to, it is studying. Can you please read more? Oh, and all the small maths test you think you're doing well in just because you get 98-100% in multiplication and division does not make you smart.

Join more co-corriculars and stop being a girly girl. The good stage of your puberty hasn't arrived, so use your body now when it's still tan and fit. Speaking of body, could you please start exercising?

Mark ta jie's words when she said 'if you stay at this shape and weight, you'll be good in a few years'. Girl, you do not have that high metabolism you thought you had. So please exercise when you can no matter how good food tastes.

Oh, and seriously, don't buy those tees from jay jays. You do not need to stock up on cartoon tees that you'll be ditching down the road.

Enjoy your pre-teen when you still can. The nights you got to vs Daniel and stuff on the Nintendo, treasure those moments. 

Also, take more camwhore pictures with ming, and make sure you have them saved in like multiple usbs, because you just may end up losing them. 

Don't be so attached to your bestfriend. Yes, she's awesome. But when high school comes, that's when things become real. Don't backstab, don't gossip, don't rely.

Be aware of what you post on bebo, and treasure it while you can cause it's gonna go outdated. Never make formspring. Use your spare time to work on your studies and fitness.

Love your family. I know you may cringe at this, but your sisters are gonna be the closest people to you down the road.

You. If you're not gonna go through insecurities or heartbreaks, you need to humble yourself. Stop being a bitch and re-evaluate what you actually want in life.

I know you're thirteen, you're selfish and you think you're all that, but you're not. You really aren't. And I want you to look back at this year and be proud not because of what you've achieved socially or have assholes determine your life.

Open up your eyes and be aware of people that need friends. Look into the problems such as bullying. Life isn't all about you.

When you start to realize that, you enable yourself to become the better you. And it only gets better.

These are the things i can only warn and advise you to do. Remember that you reap what you sow.

However, if you end up doing otherwise, you'll end up where I am today. :) and that isn't so bad, but it takes a whole lot.

So darling, remember that the trials you'll come to face makes you persevere. You're a beautiful person, you just need to stop being selfish and start to see and trust in the god who's always been there.

Now, I'm not gonna ruin any surprises, but I know you'll turn out just fine. Even better too.

"Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, that all these things may be added unto you"


Your 17 year old self


  1. Wow this is soooo good!
    very interesting.
    btw, i have a challenge for you. It's harder than this post.

    Write a letter to your future self. 10 years down the line.

    If you do it, i'll do it haha.

    1. Haha thank you :) do one!!! Wow, that really is a challenge! Haha alrighty, I shall take it up :)