Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hi October

"Please be good to me"

Um no, October is a name of a month.
It can't do anything to you.

It's funny because there are all these pictures on tumblr, tweets or whatever; whenever a new month comes, especially around this time of the year, they would say "<insert name of month>, please be good to me".

It's like um no, October can't be good to you, September probably wasn't, and November won't either.

I think you determine how your month turns out.

For me, almost for every start of a new something; that something being the start of a new month, year, place, or circumstance, it really depends. I always have these little goals set at the back of my mind and a motivation for change.
I love change.

And this month, October, I've set myself a plan like never before;

So my ultimate goals for the month are:

- Make prayer a habit, by;
meditating on memory verses, praying in tongues more frequently.

- lose weight, by;
working out as much as I can, that being 3-5 times a week.
Eating healthier and more frequently, having portion control. Don't eat after 8pm

- develop self control, by;
Cutting down on my constant satisfaction to my cravings. Cutting down on unnecessary desserts.

- sleeping earlier, by;
Going to bed before 12, not go on my social networks after 11.30pm

- save more $$$, by;
Punishing myself for the better. Sooooo, if I were to break any of my rules (diet, fitness, sleeping schedule, social network restrictions...) - each time I break it, I'll save $1

HAHA so yea, $1 for each unnecessary sugar, any workout day I skipped, for using my social networks past 11.30pm, for sleeping after 12am (without a good reason). It's the second day, and now I have $3 in my saving funds for this :B

ALSO. I'm gonna start this thing called "Cravings Blessings". I shall talk about it soon!


  1. Man I hate change. HAHA.
    and youre challenges are soooo hard! if we lived near each other i'd bring you go jogging and gym tho. then i'd have a partner to go with lol! i need more motivation!

    1. haha really? most people tend to. but idk, change seems fun and exciting :D HAHA yea, they are. I kinda charge myself $1 a day already.