Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Questions 2


Haha I remember I used to write 'heey' or 'haay' in intermediate, just because it looks better. Hahaha and I used to put '.x' at the end of my sentence. It's like yea.x very weird.x why would I do that?x
And I would say 'heeeee-eeey' in this bimbo girly voice. Haha man how things change. 

So a good friend of mine asked me what the app of this question thing was :) yay! I love questions! Haha, for those of you who may be interested too, it's called 'QotD' stands for question of the day.

And if you guys own like Wordpress or a blog or whatever, maybe you guys could do the same cause I'd love to read your answers to them! Haha.

Okay here goes

Question 1 :
Answer : okay this question is a bit complicated. I'm guessing they're asking me to pick someone who's influenced me greatly compared to someone I'm currently comfortable with. Or are they asking me to pick someone who's influenced me in the past, who is now someone im comfortable with? Okay the more I read the question, the more confused I am. Correct me if I misunderstood this question. But if I had to pick someone who's influenced me greatly, it would be hmmmm this is hard. I don't get influenced easily, I think. Ah skip 

Question 2 :

Answer : oooh a year :) I'm actually glad I moved back to my hometown.

Question 3 :
Answer : hm, something important that I want that I didn't grow up with.. Probably excellent grades. Yea, that. Haha :x


;) see what I left there

Lol kbye

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