Thursday, September 19, 2013


Can things really be thrown away,
as if it never really meant a thing?
Can feelings fade that quickly,
Can it really go away?

Is it possible to forget, even though time seems to make it a hazy distant memory?
Can you really stop loving someone, can it really go cold?

When you close your eyes, can you still picture me, do you still picture us?
When the same words re-appear, does it not re-kindle the same meanings?

Do your hands feel lonely, with spaces between them?
Don't your lips feel dry, with nothing left to say?

Do the same places bring you back with a purpose?
Does my name turn you cold, as if you chose to walk away?

Do you regret, to let time slip this far?
Your love for her, does it feel the same?

Does your mind play games with you, are you scared it'll happen again?
Do you see me, in your dreams or photos kept in the box somewhere?

Do you occupy yourself to make distractions cover unresolved hurt?
Do you remember me, like I remember you?


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