Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Malaysia Day and a year + in my home.

H A P P Y     J U B I L E E 

So it's been a bit more than a year since I came back.
What can I say?
This is home.

I feel like my heart connects to this place like never before.
I love Malaysia. I love where I am.

So what is jubilee?
Jubilee occurs every 50 years, and I feel so privileged to be able to be a part of it,
because the next jubilee, I'd be 67.
And in all hopes, I just may like to attend the next jubilee year with my future family.
It would be very exciting to see Malaysia in the next 50 years!

So about a year and 2 months + ago,
I made this blog called "Stranger in my own hometown".
It's not active anymore, but you could check it out if you'd like.

Thinking back, I truly was a stranger in my own hometown.
Coming back to this place, especially KK, a place I haven't lived in since 10 years ago. 

The old memories of my hometown didnt consist of many; and most were not that great of a memory.
With familiar faces and memories of a six year old child, the pieces were quickly put together.

I love the people.
There's something about the warmth of these people that attracts me.
They're quite expressive, funny, friendly and genuinely warm.

I've adapted to the routine and habit of not looking at people in the eye when you walk into a crowded place; going to late night suppers, changing my dialect depending on where I am and who I'm talking to; my skin has adapted to the humid weather, that I even wear cardigans and jeans (sometimes).

About a year ago, I was new to this place, and glad I had awesome people placed in my life during that period.

My favorite location;
Apart from the malls,
I absolutely love the beaches here. 
It's stunning, brings back a few childhood memories, and they have crabs! Crabs!
I haven't really been to the beach in several months though :(

some time last year, when I was obsessed with captainball and crabs.

My top 3 favourite food here;
I love the food, haha I've attained new preferences; as some of you may know, previously, I wasn't a fan of desserts or junkfood. Yea well, that changed a whole lot.
Okay, so I can't really decide on my top 3.
I kinda like everything.


I am ever so grateful to the people that God has placed in my life.
The people in New Zealand, I actually do miss you guys.
And ofcourse I didn't forget you (silly gooslings).
Thankyou for still taking the time to keep in touch with me,
and even though it's not consistent, you guys have left footprints in my heart;
and my friendship with you guys will always be memorable.

For the people who were here from a year ago, right through now,
thankyou. your friendship means a something to me.
And for those who I've come across, thankyou for being a blessing or a lesson to me.
you guys have brought a lot of joy to me, and believe it or not,
you guys play a huge part in making me fall in love with my hometown.
so thankyou :)


So this year's jubilee, wasn't AS good as last year's I reckon.
It was later in the evening, so the weather was dark and cloudy.
Nevertheless, it was awesome to know that the churches in KK gathered to celebrate Malaysia and God.

Here are some photos which Esther took!

Ee Ern, Ee Ai and Nath!

Nick, Samuel and Isaac!

With Sheldon!

Daniel R and Daniel W!

Sam, Sarah, Jess, Bryan and a blurry Clement!

Michael, Manny, Ruth, Ruth's friend, and Nathan!
Part of the stadium!

Food and Drink stalls on the right!

Nathy and Ashley. Ee drenched hair :(

I don't think you can see, but it started to drizzle

Malaysia's flag

Ariel and I :)

Joshua and Ashley!

Nathy and Esther!

People blowing those trumpet things

When the worshippers were dancing

With Rowena and Elve after the worship!

hehehe Essy :D 
The preparation for the rainbow crossing!

Worshippers in orangeeee

lol wut
Esther took a close up of him cause she thinks he looks like someone she knows.

The aftermath of the crossing.

yeaaaa we were drenched and soaked

what a way to end the night

dripping wet under fireworks. how lovely.

yay but i love fireworks though

Yea, first (and hopefully last) time being drenched and soaked.

Overall, it was okay. I mean it was a great experience, but I preferred last year's!
Speaking of which, here is two photos from last year's jubilee!

lol love you Malaysia

Thankyou God for bringing me back to my hometown.
It's lovely and I hope to marry a malaysian if it's your will.
hehehe kay byeeees,

Happy belated Malaysia Day.

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  1. Awesome post!
    yeah i also think last years was better for some reason. i even think this year has less participants lol.

    great pics!