Sunday, September 22, 2013

Questions 4

Hello burrito.

Speaking of burritos, I got my dinner sorted :D I made burritos!

Made myself some vege juice and burritos!

So my vege juice today consisted of :

Some buttercup lettuce, around 7 cherry tomatoes, some water, 3T of plain yoghurt,
some sliced cucumbers and carrots, 2 bananas.

I made 2 cups.

My burrito consisted of :

Two burrito skin, 2 eggs, 2 slices of ham, some mushrooms and a slice of cheese.

I made 2 burritos.

So this is the scrambled eggs on the burrito.
I melted some cheddar cheese in the microwave on my already stir fried mushrooms and ham.

I then placed it on top of the burrito, only to find out that it became a fat burrito so I had to use another skin.

And tada! I folded it and cut it into half. 

Sorry for the not so clear photo quality. haha I used my old phone to take.

And time for questions!
I am sorry for not being consistent on this question thingy like I said I would.
I think I'll try to post it as consistently as I can, but maybe just a few times a week,
as I do not want my blog to be only filled with posts on questions.

Question 1 :

Answer: Reassuring insecure people. That being either your current bf/gf then,
or like an insecure person on their looks. You give them a whole long speech, reassuring them about your feelings and love for them, and then in the end it's futile. Or you go on and on trying to reassure insecure people about why they shouldn't be insecure, etc. And in the end they're still so stuck on that mindset.

Question 2 :

Answer: haha I love this question. Depending on who gives the compliment, and what the compliment is.
If it's a superficial compliment, that usually regards to appearance or liking,
I'd flip my hair and say "Aw fanks" as like hm, a mocking response.
If it's a down to earth compliment that actually isn't superficial,
I'd probably say "aw thankyou :)" and maybe return a genuine compliment.
If the compliment was more of like "Omg why are you so pretty, hate you"
then I'd be like omgggg noo. And then depending on the person, I'd carry on from there.

Question 3 :

Answer: I have this weird confidence that I'll somehow be married, without having to worry about whether I'll get married or not? hahaha I don't know. Maybe deep down, most people have that confidence that they will marry someday. And yaknoooow. I'm not too sure. But I don't think I'll be like mature and feeling worried about not having to find a good husband. I know God has me sorted.

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