Sunday, September 29, 2013

From me, to you


have I used that greeting already? I probably have aye, don't shoot me.
I don't know, I have this need of not repeating my greetings when I blog, is it weird?


So today, funday sunday. yayyyyy.
nah, I didn't actually do much.
BUT. I received something small and cute.

HAHA okay, so you may not be able to tell; but this here,
is actually a handmade pink book with a cover of girly stickers. On the right are six highlighters.

At the back, it says ' From: Nathania to: you '
AWWWWWWW, sorry for my shit face, home time yolo

I had Supercrew (Children sundayschool) today, I'm on duty this month. haha.
And there's this really sweet and kinda shy girl, who I haven't actually properly spoke to, ever. She's seven, her name is Nathania, and she seems to have such a gentle and genuinely nice heart haha.

Okay, so I shall describe things as if it actually mattered. Me and my paranoid mind.
So as we were having worship, she came and stood next to me. I thought it was just a coincidence because idk, maybe there's no one else to stand next to. haha. BUT then for games, we were told to make a circle and hold hands (AW) and she came to me with another boy, who was standing next to me, but instead, she came to hold my hands (double AW). And then it only then occurred to me how much she wanted to hold my hand, haha so cute. IDK why, but maybe kids have this sense of security when holding someone's hands (like their parents) or a way of showing affection (when holding their friends' hands)? haha I don't know.

But then I remembered when I was a kid (maybe around 8), I really liked this tuition teacher of mine, and I loved holding her hands. And I remembered that they were rough, like her skin was always peeling, like badly. Like I guess I didn't really understand why then, nor did I give a crap about how her hands felt, but I just enjoyed holding them because I loved her as a teacher. And she gave me this heart eraser with a colourful string attached, and I kept it with me all this while, until last year, when I left for NZ I think. haha. yea..

And the older I got, I remembered how I would get really self-conscious about my palms, because they get really sweaty, especially when I'm nervous or have skin contact with another palm. hahahaha. yea, whatever, laugh at me. BUT IT'S NOT NICE KAY. :( Haha, I remembered dreading to meet/greet people with my handshake, and would opt for like a fist pump or a hug instead. but then awhile back, someone made me accept it, and I came to realize that when I eventually feel comfortable with someone, my body adjust to them aswell, so yea.

But still, sometimes, when I'm having like a hand on hand contact with someone for longer than a few seconds, like idk, a game or something; instead of thinking 'AWWW' - my mind would probably be thinking 'shit, my hand is gonna start sweating. crap why must you hold my hand now. damn can someone like turn up the aircond to full blast or something' But then, I realise that if I were to hold an oblivious guy's hand, the guy would think his hands are sweating, instead of mine. When actual fact is, it's mine. hahaha. Because, an example of several experiences I had, whenever I'm stuck in a hand-holding situation, like a game or something. Whenever possible, I try to take a break from holding the person's hand, and kinda like wipe it on like myself? hahahaha. and then I'd apologize for taking that 'break' and say "sorry, I've got sweaty hands". and they say "oh me too" or "it's okay, me too". And then I say "really? look at mine", and it's like glistening like Edward Cullen's skin, and then I touch their hands to prove my point, and theirs isn't even sweaty. -.- But hahaha they can keep thinking it's their hands then lol.

ANYWAYS back on the story. haha I actually took alot of 'mini breaks' from hand holding today. haha. oh yea, so moving on, she was like "I want to sit next to you later" and then when we were sitting together, she took that handmade pink book out and said "This is for you." and I'm like AW cute, stickers on pink paper, then as I turned it, I realised it was like some sort of notebook? haha. She took some pink papers, and stapled them together to make a notebook. And then the last page that said ' From: Nathania to: you ' came, I was like AW. And she took out the packet of highlighters and said "I bought this for you" - triple AWWW. and when I thought that was cute enough, she took out a bunch of marker pens (like 8-10)? and she put them in a plastic, took out her exercise book, wrote "From: Thania To: you", cut it out, and put it in. And she said "I bought this for you too". However, I decided to return those, because it was actually quite alot of marker pens, and I don't think she actually bought it for me, but rather she gave them to me. (Talk about love, AWWW :)) - but I ended up keeping the card and highlighters!
haha it was very adorable of her, because I'm having exams soon, and highlighters are like my ultimate tool for studying. haha. YAY! Thank God for his favour, I felt so special to have such a blessing :) Even from a little 7 year old. :)


Answer: cheating and second chances.
I wrote about it here awhile back, if you'd like to read it (again).
IDK, I mean I haven't really experienced it, but this is my mindset to it currently.
I'm not sure whether I'd stick to the same mindset though, if it were to happen to me.
AND, I know many people who would feel the same.
In fact, a few people have told/ask me this;
"If it didn't work out the first time, what makes you think it'd work out the second time?"
In a way, for cheating, I agree. However, if it was because of different circumstances and factors,
I'd say why not.

Answer: A total fool over, not infront of? So someone I was a total fool over?
HAHA probably my first 'bf' and biggest crush ever for a 13 year old. Foolish me.

Answer: I actually hated many teachers as a kid.
lol then I became one :C
Probably my piano teacher. It was a love-hate thing.
But I ended up becoming her flower girl, and she used to make me mushroom soup,
played along to my childish dramas, many things. so yea. luff you xo


A little treat for myself after lunch :D

I look creepy here, hahaha but whatevs.

My dinner; blueberry pancakes. That big scoop of 'ice cream' isn't ice cream btw, it's actually butter.
The pancakes were perfect though, it was really yum

With my mummaay

Essy poo

:D yay! She's finally back from her mission trip, and tbh, I actually felt a tad lonely.

lol vain, dont judge me
goodnight :D

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