Monday, September 23, 2013

Update: weekend


I know I'm a little late on the daily posts and updates, but I haven't found time to actually sit and write something. And my last few posts have been like rants or stories, which are super long so that should be enough to cover the last few days, I hope :D

So last Sunday, as in like 2 days ago, I had a haircut. FINALLY.
I've been waiting for like several weeks for a haircut because my hair is growing out to be very limp and out of shape. and my natural hair is actually very smooth and very very thin.
I promised myself I wouldn't dye it for the remaining of this year, as my hair has been so damaged from all the dyeing process and my daily excessive hair washing.

The last time I actually had a haircut was a bit less than 5 months ago, in April:

I decided to cut my hair quite short, just for a change... and I turned out to really like it!

This is how I'd look if I had cancer. YAY hair washingg


My hairstylist since I was like a little kid :) and a very good family friend!

hehe with aunty Alice :)
And my haul for the day

I bought myself an A charm for my English. HAHA. 

So this week is mock exams week, maybe that should explain why I haven't been as active.
But actually, I haven't been as studious lately. :( IDK why.

OH. And my cabbage diet, hahaha.
*runs to weigh myself
So I put on weight. Hmmmmm.
Hahaha honestly, I'm not surprised. I've been pigging out for the last few days because of all the junk food stored in my house and all these insane cravings I have. Plus, ever since day 1 of my diet, I cheated like tons of times. And the second day, I really crossed the line.

But yea I think after this fast ends, Im gonna really plan my food intake man.
And sticking to my timetable. Yes. That's one thing I need to do. 

Hehe sehseh and I camwhoring in class.

With haojie, how Uei, Seh Seh and I :)

That was yesterday btw, I shall try to blog tomorrow.

Goodnight :)

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