Friday, June 14, 2013

Surprise surprise

So I came back from gym, and my dad asks me whether I know someone name Pauline Lui. I said yes and asked why. Then he said she's here.

The thing is, Pauline Lui is a great friend of mine, and she's in New Zealand. So I kept asking what?! How do you know? But my dad didn't say anything apart from 'six sense'. And I was like DA HECK what's that. Well apparently six sense is just an assumption.

In conclusion, he didn't give me any more hints to why he said that.

So I went on Facebook and messaged her immediately. She said she was in her room in New Zealand and I was honestly confuzzled. I kept questioning my dad but he was being annoying and said 'six sense' and I said but she said she's in New Zealand and he said 'oh I guess my six sense is wrong'.

So anyways Pauline asked if I was home.  And somehow I had this super weird imagination that she was hiding in one of the rooms. And I asked my dad 'Oh my gosh! Is she here?!' And my sister was like 'the heck' and then my dad gave this extremely suspicious grin.

And I actually thought I was right and shouted 'PAULINEEEEE!!!' And everyone laughed. And my dad said that's the stupidest thing he's ever heard and that he can't believe me. 

Oh, and I asked if she sent me something but he didn't answer me directly so I dismissed that thought earlier on. But yaaaaa, turns out a part of me was right.

I went into my room, and there laid...

Yes, this small lovely parcel. 

And inside contains..

This book, called 'I kissed dating GOODBYE' which is exactly what I need; oh and if you didn't know this about me, I love relationships. I love talking about it, and it's a huge part of my life.

On the right is a lovely encouraging letter, a keychain, a memory verse and a wrist band. All contains something to encourage my faith which is incredible.

This is officially the second parcel I've received from New Zealand, and I feel so joyful whenever I get one :) I count myself so blessed. Firstly, to have great friends. Secondly, to have great friends that encourage me in my faith.

So yeaaaaaaa :) extremely happy, i shall blog bout what I learn from this book soon!

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