Friday, June 14, 2013


" It was finally here - Anna's wedding day, the day she had dreamed about and planned for months. The small, picturesque church was crowded with friends and family.
   Sunlight poured through the stained-glass windows, and the gentle music of a string quartet filled the air. Anna walked down the aisle toward David. Joy surged within her. This was the moment for which she had waited so long. He gently took her hand, and they turned toward the altar.
   But as the minister began to lead Anna and David through their vows, the unthinkable happened. A girl stood up in the middle of the congregation, walked quietly to the altar, and took David's other hand. Another girl approached and stood next to the first, followed by another. Soon, a chain of six girls stood by him as he repeated his vows to Anna.
   Anna felt her lip begin to quiver as tears welled up in her eyes. 'Is this some kind of joke?' She whispered to David. 
   'I'm.. I'm sorry, Anna,' he said, staring at the floor.

'Who are these girls, David? What is going on?' She gasped. 'They're girls from my past,' he answered sadly. 'Anna, they don't mean anything to me now... But I've given part of my heart to each of them.'
    'I thought your heart was mine,' she said. 'It is, it is,' he pleaded. 'Everything that's left is yours' a tear rolled down Anna's cheek. Then she woke up. "

# talk about wow. That's in the start of the first chapter of the book 'I kissed dating goodbye'. And it's barely even two pages and I'm convinced already.

This is exactly one of the many valid reasons not to date. In fact, I've felt this way before. Both sides; I mean it's crossed my mind. Imagine the person you're in love with now. The way he touches you, his i love yous, the way he kisses you, they've all been experienced before. As in you're not their first, who cares about first, but you're not their only. Imagine how shitty it'd be to be the last in the line, the dating line. Talk about having leftovers.

Not just that, but the other way round. Majority of the people I know, have dated or been physically involved with someone. 

And well, I tell myself I don't want to get involve with someone who has been in such a deep relationship. Like a relationship that was so physically involved, and one with strong emotions and a long commitment. Because I know for one that it sticks to the person, the remaining emotions of that relationship, the memories and all; 

Even I, who have not been in a relationship for more than half a year can be so emotionally attached to my past, that I feel like I can't love someone else the way I loved this person, yaknow? And it sucks because I can't imagine feeling the same feelings for another person, doing the same things we did, or even saying the same things.

So it's insane, what relationships can do. And I think that the next relationship I'm gonna be in, will need alot of thought, prayer and contemplating. In fact, God, please make the next person I fall in love with be my future husband. 


  1. at first i was like, oh she's writing stories. then i was like wait, this sounds familiar. then i was like where did i read this before?
    then i was like ohhhhhhhhhhh this one. elve read to me chapter one and two HAHA

    good post btw. exactly how i feel.

    1. Thank you! And it's a really good book! So motivational, so amazing and very life-changing. I think all teens should be encouraged to read it!