Monday, May 20, 2013

Majority May

So this month has been absolutely eventful!
Labour day, Wesak Day and Mother's day are some of the main holidays.
ELECTION was a huge part of this month.
For me, I had my first o-levels exam! (ENGLISH)
It was pretty decent, I'm hoping for an A... star.
But I'm not gonna get my hopes too high.
I will definitely update you on my results, which should be coming out within 3 months.
But if I fail... well then, no update. lol

I was thinking of writing a summary post for this month AT THE END OF THE MONTH.
But, I will be away at camp, so this is the majority of May!
And I'll do the remaining after camp!

This thursday is the last day of school, and we have sharing day!
Which is annoying because I'm planning it when I'm not supposed to >.<'
And UGHH I just will not get into it.
But, the holidays are coming up this week, and I'm super excited
because for the last few months, I've been studying heaps and I just can't wait for this mini-break!
And, my mummy is going to NZ this week, so yeaaaa,
I can't wait for her to be back with new things!

I'm also very excited for my youth camp, which is at the end of this month;
It's also Harvest Fest, so the locals here will be celebrating
while I'll be away for camp!
At first, I was doubting on whether I should join camp.
Reasons are, I'm not friends with everyone at camp,
and I myself don't know how it would be like.
Comparing it to my youth in NZ,
we were all so close, and I was with a group of close amazing friends.
And everyone just clicked and was so fun!
However, I told myself that for this camp, I want to encounter God.
And ofcourse, along with that, I'll be meeting new people and may be closer to some.
So I'm extremely excited and will update on it when I'm back!

And for now, like always, a flow of pictures :)

Nath and I! you'll see him alot in my photos!

haha :D My pastor and I!

:) Ee Ern, Esther, and I!


HAHAHA I seriously did not purposely do this. Hence the blurriness.

LOL my mum and I :B 

Every wednesdays, Foo and I! :)

Esther, Nath and I at Ochado :)



i dont know
rocking my derp shit and Sayfol cap HMMM
EE Ai, Nath and I :)


Raimen, Sam and I :B

Mother's day lunch at Little Italy!

my mummy

And this is the original photo of my fb dp and insta haha
i have a huge face. lol. UM Sam, Raimen, Joshua and Yew.

Esther and I :D

This is how I look like when i laugh, all frowny >:D

modeeeeels for ochado?          lol nah


So if you have been keeping up with my blog, I uploaded two posts on a sequel called BMI.
Someone thought it was from like a book or poem, or something.
But no, haha BMI stands for Beyond my imagination.
Awhile back, I wanted to write something like this, but never ended up doing so.
So it's pretty much characters I create in my head, based on my life.
Well, influenced by the people in my life.
Whether it's my own experiences, other people's stories or what not,
I take inspiration from that and create some sort of story in my head.

Jake is well, a guy obviously. And he's the first character I imagined in my head;
So he is indeed the main starring, I would say. And this girl called Kelly.
They just broke up over.. Well, I myself am still finding some valid reasons.
HAHA, I don't know how it's gonna turn out, but I love writing this 'series' for fun.
So stay tuned! And if you would like to give me some suggestions or whatever,
just comment or mail me at 


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