Sunday, May 19, 2013

BMI : Kelly

If you were to live in my head, it will probably drive you insane. The unending thoughts, constant flashbacks and crazy self-talk. "Let it go, it's been so long." My mind regularly pleads, but my heart; my stubborn heart grasps tightly of the remaining of what is left.

The truth is, it's been four months since our break-up. Some may argue it's a short time to move on; others say otherwise. I, myself don't know where I'm at or what I should be doing.

All I know is that, I'm still in love with him. Enough to know that despite his change in feelings, mine stays the same. It has always been the same. If only he knew..

If only he knew the effect of what his love can have on me, how he brought out the best part of me. If only he could see what I see beyond this, feel anywhere close to how he made me feel, maybe then, he would know. 

He'll never know though. Because he chose to walk out on this, he chose to walk out on me.

Continuation... (To Jake part 2)

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