Thursday, May 16, 2013

BMI : jake

Her warm fingers grazed across my cheeks gently, followed by her light strokes through my hair that sends a sort of ticklish feeling down my neck.

I can hear her heart beat; slowly in rhythm, along with the comfortable silence and soft background song.

Setting my gaze on her symmetrical face; her bright smile, small nose... And her big round eyes met with mine. She smiles nervously as I intertwined my hands with hers.

Something draws me closer, though she is already close enough to hear me breathe. I can smell her floral scent lingering in her hair or neck. Our foreheads touch and I lean closer as I closed my eyes...

I wake up to darkness. 4.05am. My vision quickly find its way through the fading black. The vivid image of her starts to fade. 

It has been months since I last saw her. I'm even surprised how my brain holds the capability of forming what I've been successfully getting rid of.

I blocked out the possibility of hope, of ever turning back. To regret, to joy, to love, to her. The what ifs don't appear. Because I see nothing.

I just lie here, staring at the grey outlines of my space and wait for it to slowly turn to the color of coal.

Continuation part 2.. (To Kelly)

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