Saturday, May 25, 2013

BMI : #2 Jake

Her golden skin glimmers underneath this dim light. Her eyes, dark and seductive. Wavy brunette hair swept to one side as she tilts her head and smirks. The length ends perfectly on her ribcage. Her perfume, the smell of regret quickly stings my nose. 

Her touch, a bit too familiar; she knows how to make me happy - physically. Besides, she knows me well enough considering she was my first love. My first regretful love.

However, her expertise never fails to satisfy me. Her touch, her smell, her very own experience; they are all very different.... compared to hers.

She kisses me intently, aggressively and overpoweringly. My hands travel to everything that was once mine. And it mocks at me. Ignoring my pride and thoughts, I just went for it.

Her strong fragrant is now faint to my senses. Her touch, though familiar, very far.

And then I think of Kelly.

Ugh, this is not Kelly.
What the hell am I doing.

I pushed her off me and take a puff. Silence. She stares at me and gives me a knowing smile. "Jakey" she says playfully. I hate her voice. But I respond.

She takes a puff from my cigarette too and looks at me. Then I kiss her. Kelly drifts farther in my head and disappears temporarily.

I hold her face close to mine, like how I once held her heart. I kiss her impatiently, the way I longed for her at the start. 

But what's left is an empty touch with hearts torn apart. I once loved this person; raw, young, reckless love. We ended because of a mistake she made. A big unforgivable mistake.

Maria loved me at my youth. She introduced me to addictive amenities. She taught me how to love, and leave a trail of frail hearts like she did with mine.

Broken hearts and used purity grew as a number. No thoughts, cold feelings and a temporary satisfaction.

Then I met Kelly. My heart-mender, friend and soulmate.. But now a stranger.

Continuation.. (To Kelly part 2)

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