Saturday, June 1, 2013

BMI : Kelly 2

I feel worthless. As if a big part of me has gone, was stolen, or ran away. I'm shivering and I can't stop the tears pouring from my eyes. I start to make hysterical sobbing sounds and use my palms to shut my mouth up. I'm now having trouble breathing and my body feels cold and limp.

They said he's moved on.

I was in disbelief. But it's true, because I just witnessed it. He held her like how he held me. Gently pulling her chin upwards to his lips as he kissed her in front of me. And I imagined how it felt like to be her. 

Just a short distance away, I stood there speechless and broken. "Kelly! There you.." Diana shouted, and then he looked at me. They ALL looked at me. "..are." Diana then caught on the situation,

"You're such a freaking jerk, you son of a.."

And I ran. I ran like the wind, only hearing my own footsteps. 

My heart hurts, and feels like it has dropped. I can't stop crying and everything comes flooding in.

I replayed what I just saw, and it brings back our own memories. How he smells, how he feels, how he tastes.. 

And I can't breathe from this suffocation. Everything starts spinning and going blurry. A hazy picture of the sky goes woozy and then someone catches me. I see Jake's face and he says, "everything will be okay," as he brushes his fingers across my cheeks and it feels unusual. I try to wrap my arms around him and I see his face. It's Daniel. And I pass out.

I wake up to a fade of a stinging headache and I see Diana running towards me. Daniel is right behind her and his face is as stern as when we last left off.

Continuation... (To Jake part 3)

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