Monday, June 10, 2013

Turning Seventeen

So I'm 17! and I got seventeen friends of mine to ask me seventeen questions for this post;

1. If you had the chance to time travel into the past and meet your past self just so you can tell them about how you became to be, at what year would you go back to and what would you tell them?

- 2009, I would tell my old self that I've grown to become stronger emotionally and mentally, grown to have attained a better self-esteem and that my character and personality is determined partly by my experiences.

2. Before you leave Malaysia, who do you want to see and talk to? - you can only pick one person.

- I would want to see and talk to um.. him again.

3. What's your first thought on turning 17? :3

- one more year to go and I'm 18! Yaaaay

4. What is the top 3 best thing that has ever happened to you? :) In full details!

- The opportunity to move/change. I think that is the best thing that has ever happened to me, to have the privilege of migrating to KL, New Zealand, and back to KK. Because throughout this journey, I can see how God has blessed me so abundantly.

Relationships. They have a different joy and pain in every single one, but most importantly, they (the experience) become part of who you are along this journey.

puberty HAHAHHA

5. How amazing is your life so far?

- So far, pretty amazing.

6. If you have three wishes, what would it be?

- To be able to pass with all A* in my O levels. To keep every good friend I've ever made. To be able to be slim even while having all the food I would ever crave for.

7. How do you feel celebrating your birthday in Malaysia and not in New Zealand with your close friends?

- I'm not sad, but I kinda expected myself spending my seventeen with someone that means something, a bestfriend perhaps.

8. If you could have anything in the world or live someone's life, what would you pick? That includes being older or time travel or anything is possible.

- HMMMM, anything? Infinite money

9. What/where do you think you'll be like/at, at 18?

- At 18, I hope to see myself as someone really smart and hard-working, pretty and skinny (LOL), Godly, probably with a good sense of humour and influential. I hope to see myself ready to leave my current place, to somewhere I can start a new journey.

10. Best gift your future boyfriend can give you?

- To bring me to another level with God; to help me love God more and experience that love together.

11. If you could go back in time and re-live one moment, when will you want to go back to and why?

- Gee. This is tough. Either a few months back, where life was revolving around love. Because I actually miss people.

12. If there was something in life that you wish others would see the same way as you, what would it be?

- Probably the way people treat others. I think that they should treat others the way they wish to be treated; and with respect, kindness and more appreciation. And how bullying is a big matter, and shouldn't be taken so lightly.

13. In your twenties, what do you wish to become?

- early twenties, I wish to become someone's girlfriend. haha and mid twenties, I wish to become a MRS someone and a lovely mother.

14. To what extend do you agree/disagree with human equal rights?

- I agree that everyone should be treated with respect and equality. However, I don't support human rights that goes against principles from the bible; such as gay marriages. God loves the people, but it's their actions that are not right. So to a certain extend, I agree and disagree with human equal rights.

15. In your own words, define "LOVE"

Hm, in MY own words. I would say love is a feeling and a choice. It is something that can be developed, and something that is set upon as a choice. Love can be a feeling, in the sense where people use it to describe how they feel towards someone; and love is a choice, because it's not forced upon anybody, and it's a decision one has to make.

16. What is the most difficult thing you have ever been through?

The most difficult thing? I would say um, is that phase of being insecure. When I had to face a lot of anonymous hate, and to deal with accepting my flaws.

17. How do I define friendship?

Friendship. Um, it is something I don't take lightly. I didn't use to consider many people as my "friend" because I think it takes someone to actually truly be a friend. I think friendship has to be mutual, where both sides feel that the other actually means something? And friendship is only possible if both people agree to be friends. Friendship has to have the basic foundation of being able to communicate, the ability to develop trust and relation. Because if a 'friendship' is just a hi-bye thing, and doesn't have any room for connecting, then it's just called acquaintance.

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