Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 1: My trip to the Philippines!

Hi, Kumusta Kayo? :D
(that is hello/how are you in Tagalog!)

this is actually a picture of my flight BACK to KK :3 sorry, didn't take one on the way to the Philippines :X

OKAY! Let's start..

My family planned a trip to the Philippines, Manila - last minute actually! Like... a week or two before our trip. (I think). We flew from KK to Clark Airport, not really Manila airport. And it took us hours to drive from Clark to Manila, when we arrived. Like.. 2 or 3 hours O:

Clark is kinda like a small town. The place isn't populated or crowded. The surroundings are really old, there were many open spaces. There were very few cars on the road, and once again, MAAAANY open spaces.

Manilla, is more of a small city, with very nice decorations and lighting. There are modern buildings, and some old buildings aswell.

I know this post is way overdue. My holiday was a week before Christmas. But with all these holiday events, and school, I was too busy to finish this post! And being honest, my mood to finish this post is meh, so Ill summarize my trip with pictures; And well, A picture speaks a thousand words, apparently.

So Let's have some visual reading.

My sisters and I on the plane to the Philippines!

When we got off, Clark Airport!

I had 6500 pesos to spend! 

Emme in the car - From Clark to Manila!

When we arrived!

Before we flew, in the aeroplane.

and camwhoring, again.

and again.

LOL Dad slept the moment he sat down

AW, emme so cute when she sleeps.

The other passengers!

and we arrived! finalllyyy


We were one of the last ones to take our bags

So empty O:

Checking our ride to Manila

Our ride, it was kinda like a van, a hotel van


Clark: so empty

Our luggages! 

Snacking on cookieees

Famous Amos Chocolate Chip <3 mmm="" td="">

When we were near the market place


We finally arrived at our hotel, after 3 hours of being in the car!

Hotel Lobby's lights!

Hotel Christmas Tree and fountain.

Hotel Resting place

The streets near our hotel!

Security check almost everywhere!

Lighting decoration on the floor!

Dinner at Shakey's - first meal in Manila!

Esther and mummy!

Garlic Cheese Fries


My Lasagna - which did not taste pleasant.

more pizzas!

At Shakey's sink, lol

Small mall next to our hotel

Jeepney deco thing

Cool stairs! :B

The hotel we stayed in: REMINGTON HOTEL

the decorations are so unique!

One of the mall lightings!
I have soooo many photos, so I shall separate my posts! Lol, sorry that this post is shitty. This has been on my drafts for forever, and I'm not bothered to make it detailed, sorry. I'll post some time soon.

See ya :) Until then, happy February!

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