Monday, January 14, 2013

Rant: Losing another

Sometimes I wonder whether its worth loving a couple times. The people you love are often the ones you risk to push away the furthest. Have you thought of it that way? 

Sure, love is great. When you're in love, it's amazing. But that person you love will either be someone you'll love forever, or someone you'll lose eventually. Maybe it's just a matter of time. So I ask myself, is it worth loving a couple of times? Is it worth risking good people to rid out of your life? 

The first person I love, I think we both know we won't end up together. And maybe he's moved on now, or I have. Either way, I know it wont end well. As in our friendship/relationship is gone, for a long time at least. Things changed, it will no longer be the same. And now I'm thinking of whether I want to risk another good person I love to rid out of my life, for good. 

Almost everyone has that one person.
Do you remember that one person?
The one that you said I love you to,
the one that you had strong feelings for.
The one that you thought you would have a future with someday.
The one you thought was really amazing,
the one that became your special someone, 
do you remember?
Your ex, the last person you love,
Who comes to mind when you think of that?

What happened to that person now?
In most cases, it's a cycle of being strangers again.
If you're fortunate enough, that person and you decided to remain friends.
And you guys are truly friends, because you are capable of doing so.

But I know many, even in my own situation;
where that one person isn't in my life anymore.
Maybe because things didn't work out for you both in a relationship,
doesn't mean you guys cant stay as friends right?

But no, it rarely happens. 
Sometimes you really can't stay as friends, because the other person -
or you, have feelings that aren't sorted yet.
And then there comes the distance, and the silence.
And you both drift away, far far away.
And then change comes along.

I see it many times. In my life, in your life.
Past lovers that are practically strangers.
Did you not once know that person?
Like how you did with your new one?

It's a cycle, actually.

And that person you love right now,
you'll end up loving them forever.
Or losing them eventually.

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