Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The sweetest thing ever


I am in such a happy mood right now! GUESS WHAT. 
My dad came home, poked my arm and pointed at the table. 
There I saw, lay a parcel.

My. first. parcel. eveeeeeeeer.

Yep, so as you can tell, I was pretty excited. On the inside. :B

What it looks like when I received it :D

And When I opened the box :D - From Charlie and Kenny!

Such a cute card :')

Sorry the camera quality is bad :X The content of the card :) 

The final gift inside! :D A Bible Planner and a Bible Calendar!
Honestly, I am really touched.
Firstly because I received a parcel.
Secondly, It's from them! 
Thirdly, the gift they sent.
I feel so blessed to have met these two amazing guys in my life.
We became close starting last year, and although it wasn't such a long time,
I feel so joyful during the times I got to spend with them.

They're both really amazing people.
I'm so happy that God sent them both into my life to help encourage my walk with him,
and to bless me in many aspects of my life through them.
Charlie and Kenny are both really humorous,
they have the cutest smiles,
great sense of style,
and really good hearts.

They are both so adorable, I just had to show their faces.
Their smiles are cute, aren't they? :3
And hey, they're single ;D

Honestly guys, Thankyou so much for thinking of me.
You guys have played a big part of my life last year in making it wonderful!
I feel really privileged to be able to meet such people as yourself.
You both have changed in so many ways, Im so very proud of you both!
You guys are both very intelligent people, with a heart that loves people.
You both have such a huge potential in inspiring people, and to bring them to Christ.
You sure did inspire me.

To be honest guys, I drifted away from God a few months back.
And I keep telling myself that I'll try to, but I don't.
When I opened the parcel, I did not expect anything like such.
It really touched my heart, this gift, and you both.
You guys inspire me, and Thankyou for looking out for me.
I will try my best to commit in reading my new gift and growing in my walk with God.

Also Charlie, thankyou for the lovely advice of  "Don't do things you can't take back and regret".
It really speaks to me, and I have to review my actions and think.

I love you both so dearly, thankyou for this. 
I love it. It's one of the best surprise and gift I have received.
It's so meaningful and shows how much you both care for me -
Especially my walk with God.
Thankyou, once again.

The card is so lovely too! It's really cute! In the front page when I open the card, it says:

Each time I see you,
I am reminded of how 
special our friendship is.
It doesn't seem to matter
 how long it has been between
 visits, as we pick up right where
 we left of. We have shared so 
much through the years...
our hopes, our dreams, our 
joys, and our struggles.
Thank you for being
a part of my life.

Thank you for this card, it really means alot to me :) 
Thank you to you both, too,
for being a part of my life.

God bless you both abundantly.
Blog more.
Read the bible more.
Love your family, friends, yourself and your neighbour.

I can't wait to hear from you both, and to see you both!
*a huge hug.

you guys are a real joy to have, thankyou :)


  1. Smiling like a fool~ hehehehe predicted it!
    But yeah, extremely glad we could send this and thank God for guiding the parcel right to your door. Thanks for being a great friend too Chelsea! And try...keep those resolutions, and stay in God :) love you loads and God Bless :) ♥

    1. :D hehe aww! Yes. I am so very blessed by him! Thankyou once again, and thankyou to you too! :D God bless! *hugs