Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm alive!


I'm still alive!!!

I know that I haven't blogged in forever. Forever being 2 months and a couple of days! 
I am so sorry. I can promise you that I go on blogger almost every single day. And being honest, I've been trying to finish off my draft posts! But I don't have the time, courage or motivation to finish them. So I'm sorry my blog posts are just once in awhile updates. But I do plan on blogging frequently, daily in 2013! Just because I am so very impressed about my blog readers and views! Thankyou so much for still encouraging me. Whether it's people that just read my blog, or happen to go through it, my friends from NZ, or my friends from Malaysia, thankyou so much. Thankyou to Kenneth, Charles and Vincent for reminding me to blog! Especially you, Kenneth! Thankyou Vibha for asking me to blog again, and Nath. And Thanks Carmen for encouraging me! Thankyou all of you! Really. I'm very impressed that people still read my old posts! You guys are my inspiration to want to blog, and continue writing. 

I have so many things I would like to share, and say, but sometimes I find it so hard to publish it as a blog post. I really admire those beauty gurus, youtubers, bloggers that do what they're passionate about so diligently.  I also don't quite like to update my friends from  NZ about my life here, or situations. Just because it's hard to constantly update them and stuff. So I will try my very best to do so on this blog of mine.

Here are some pictures I'd like to share!

Catching up with my cousin - Sheena at Maple Cafe!

At yoyo :)

With my 'God-brother' Nath :)

With my cousin - Sheleen at Pizza Hut! 

With some people from my youth, on the way to the Island!

With Nath at McD! :) I was squeeze-hugging him to death because he called me bolster :(

With Em chilling at our house :3 her new haircut!

Listening to 1D with Shels, at Starbucks!

Drinking yoyo :) with Shels!

Another picture! I'm at the back btw :3

Camwhoring with Nath's flawless camera effect!

Leaving a great day of hanging out at the Island!

A new Eurasian baby born in our church - dallas! :)

Fake snow and bad lighting on Gaya street with my sisters!

My first real sun tan/ sun burn from 5 hours + in the Island!

I was so excited!!!! :D 

LOOOKIE, it's a real sun burn tan!

This really cute Indian baby! Emmanuel :)

He has such gorgeous eyes!

One of the best babies - he barely cries!

His loving brother - Isaac and him :)

With my sister Em :)
Watching a Skyline musical with my family :)

Esther and I :D

Last meal with John before he left for KL! - this was on Saturday night :)

At secret recipe with my bestfriend :) yesterday.

Kimberly and I saw Brandon at Suria yesterday :D


Oh, and I promise I got a whole new exciting post ready real soon! Because it's Christmas tomorrow! And I just came back from the Philippines! :3 But in the mean time, in short bullet point updates:

- I finally got a tan! - Like the real sun burn tans! That other people always get but me!!!!
Oh, 'Uei says I'm tan now though. I last saw him like... a month + ago. and Nath said I'm dark now :(
- My hair is long now! It's like half my tummy. ish. If I had abs, it'd be on my 2nd row of abs. LOL. or is it the first? hm. But since i don't have abs, im sure it's like half my tummy.
- I put on 5kgs ever since I came back!
- I've been back for 5 months and 4 days!
- I really miss my bestfriends from New Zealand :'(
- I started working... for my mum :) I earn pretty well actually! I'm a part time English tutor. yay..
- I started doing volunteer work! Every mondays (and sometimes Saturdays) - I help to teach young children, street kids; which are actually illegal immigrants that come to KK.

I shall blog soon, i promise :) Until then, have a merry christmas!

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