Friday, December 28, 2012

To my bestfriend - Helen Liang :)

HAPPY SWEET 16th, Beautiful :)

This is my bestfriend.

HI HELEN :D *hugs really tight
She's the cutest person I know.

now before I continue, for old times sake, please play this music on youtube :B 
as you read this blog...

okay wait.

River Flows in you was introduced to me by Helen Liang.
It's my favourite song to play on the piano, and has been for more than a year. 
If you've heard me play the piano, I will always play this song. :B
So thanks, Helen Liang, for having good taste in music :D

This is my 4th year of being friends with her.
Out of everyone I became bestfriends with,
Helen is someone I feel like I could relate to.
As in... have many common preferences :)
Wherever I am, and Whatever I'm doing, Helen is someone I always have fun with.

My first love feast at our youth :)

The girls at our youth then :)
Camwhoring in one of those photobooths :)

hehe gourmet chocolates :)

Our friendship bracelet : a moustache :3

At a youth outing in the city :)
Starbucks buddy :D


During our lovefeast :)

During our practice :)

My sweet 16th this year :)

A bunch of photos we took :)

hehe camwhoring again :)

At our group outing - the end of 2011

On Katie's birthday :)

Trying on jumpsuits - 2009

Terence's birthday - 2011


At Elvin's this year :)

Last day of camp - this year :)

At my sweet 16th :)

An outing with your family :)

The 4 day sleepover at mine :)

At Cyber :)

During my 15th birthday :)

On the bus :)

At youth :)

On a school trip :)

trying on jumpsuits :3

At youth :)

At my sweet 16th

In my toilet - early 2010? :P

Us going to Mcd on a cold winter night :D
She is someone I camwhore with the most, as you can tell.
We actually have many many many more pictures, but I don't have our old ones anymore :(

Helen has been with me for a long long time.
Throughout these years, I can honestly see that we both have changed, together.
Thankyou Helen, for being there with me.
Honestly, you're really supportive of me. You always make me feel so loved, and like your bestfriend.
So thankyou so much.

You're such a fun person to be around. Like seriously.
Whether we're in my room, in the park, at church, in school, working, serving, dancing, singing, camwhoring,  swimming, eating, in your room, exercising, talking, laughing, smiling;
It's always fun.

Although you think you're not particularly a deep talker,
you still make the effort to comfort me when I need it.
You are also the cuddliest person ever! :) (You and Katie :D)
Jeffrey is so lucky! hehe.

Well Helen Liang,
It sucks how I couldn't spend your sweet 16th with you.
But I heard you had a good time, and I'm happy you have great people around you.
You're a really awesome person, and don't you ever forget that!
Thankyou so much for everything, I hope we can continue to be bestfriends,
regardless of the distance or silence we may have at times :)

Have a great end to this year my love!
Although I could only spend half of this year with you, I really appreciate everything you have done for me.
I am so thankful to God that I had the opportunity to have you in my life.
I hope that you continue to attend church, regardless of how things may have changed.
You introduced me to one of my greatest joys I had in New Zealand;
and through that church came along with many wonderful friendships.
And I don't want you to miss that.

Anyways, I hope to skype you soon!
I know you're a busy bee working hard at Rainbow's end!
I miss you and your family!
I hope things are well.
Do update me!

Happy Belated Birthday lovely ! :)

Love, Chelsea :)

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