Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Good day last day of twenty-twelve!

Honestly, 2012 has been such an eventful year for me! I spent my first half of the year in my beloved New Zealand, and the other half of 2012 - migrating back to my home-town! I honestly believe that 2012 is a year that was filled with love, change, trials, and reunion.

I think it's such a blessing that I got the chance to live in New Zealand for almost 5 years, and returning back to my hometown after 10 years! It's such a life-changing experience for me this year. I can honestly say it's my favourite year out of my sixteen years of being alive.

I have met so many people that have impacted me in many different ways, and have changed with so any along the way. For the first half of the year (in New Zealand) I got to be closer friends with people such as Kenny, Charles, Samantha and Jason. Had the chance to re-unite with my older friends whom I kinda stopped becoming friends with, such as Winnie and Sandra. And I got to meet new people, and got to know some people from my year a bit better (Hui Ling, Lily, Matthew, James, Jacky, Sahil, Jackson, etc).

I really enjoyed this year, and am very happy and blessed to be able to meet and be friends with these people. I'm also very thankful that I am still friends with many of my closest friends from intermediate, it's kinda like childhood friends, and they all mean so much to me.

I cannot be much happier being bestfriends with these girlies for such a long time! Katie, Helen, Steph, Bertha and Vibha! They all play such a huge role in my life; supporting me and constantly being there with me. And my youth in New Zealand, Krave. You guys are such a big part in my life! Thankyou to my leaders, Pauline, Mark, Isaac and Venus for looking out for me :) I miss youth! And I can't wait to be back.

The second half of my year (migrating back to Malaysia) - I got to meet many different and amazing people. I didn't use to like Malaysians (even though I am one myself). But I feel so silly to have felt that way. I mean the people here are so friendly and amazing, I really do love it here.

During my time here, I've met 3 super awesome people that never fail to make me happy. Marcus, Elve and John. I turn to them in everything, and they're the best people I know here. They make my life so so much happier, and I'm honestly really happy God has blessed me with such amazing people.

Along the way, I am very glad that I got to re-unite back with my best cousins Sheena and Sheleen, every moment with them is such a joy and I just miss being with them! Also having friends like Nath, Sasha, Aaron, the Hengs, and Kimberly; They all have played a big part in making me feel welcome. And I'm really thankful for my school friends, How uei, Hao jie, Natalie, Seulki, Foo, Isaac; They all have been really good friends to me during my time in school and outside of school.

So I really am thankful to God that he has blessed me so much, and that I could look at this change as a blessing, instead of something bad. He is truly amazing!

I look forward in spending 2013 with all these people in my life - both in New Zealand and Malaysia.

Thankyou God for blessing me abundantly! And Everyone that surrounds me, you guys are amazing! Have a blessed New Year, and have a positive year ahead of you! :)


  1. i see my name! i'm so so so so glad to be part of your life. I want to be a good big kor kor to you. hehe. the best if can hahaha.

    hey, no photo of me. but i look bad in pic anyways. hahaha. so its ok.

    we'll face 2013 together aye!

  2. I SEE MY NAME TOO! Haha naw why did I just read this? D: <3