Saturday, October 13, 2012

Short Summary of my weeks and absence!

GOOD DAY puppies.

Okay, that sounds really weird. I know I said I'll blog soon, and I am still working on it. I'm sorry my dye review is delayed. I have my reasons though! Good ones too.


About 2 weeks ago, my wi-fi broke down. Yes, it broke down. Which makes it really hard for me to have access to internet, ESPECIALLY for blogging purposes. Secondly, my exams are next week. YES, my term exams. And that is why I have not been able to go on; Plus, I don't blog on weekdays, so I am awfully sorry! And lastly, last weekend, I was REALLY busy. I had a church bazaar I helped the entire morning until afternoon, and at night, I had my grandmother's birthday party at our place. So I was really really busy. On Sunday, I had church, dealt with some problems, went to play futsal (a game like soccer) and went to a family friend's house for dinner until really late at night. Plus, We actually just fixed our wi-fi about a few days ago. So this time, sincerely, my apologies. I still am working on the Review on my dye! Because I would like it to be as specific as I can possibly can, so it'll take some time, please be patient.

But here is a short summary from a few weeks ago, until recently. :) And I will try to post a post on it soon!

best cuzzies forever <3 td="td">

Sheena and I!


this is my classmate making a duck mouth with pringles! :3

Elve, Nath and I selling burgers on the bazaar day!
Nath and I 2 sundays ago!

Elve, Nath and I selling burgers :)

:D hehe

Me and my best cousin! Sheleen

Sheena and I :) Another best cousin of mine!

haha me :S
All 4 of us :)

With our aunties, both of my grandmas and other cousin!

Sheleen and I :D
AND YES, that's all for now :) I'll update as soon as I can!
Have a great weekend ahead of you!

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