Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm falling in love with -

YOU , Malaysia. 


   H A P P Y     

B E L A T E D 

M A L A Y S I A  

D A Y . 

[ It's the 16th of September - Malaysia Day. ]

I've never been the kind of festive person to celebrate my own country. ( Unlike the Americans, whom yearly dresses up for 4th of July. )

I've never been the kind of person who loved my own country. ( I was never a fan of the food, weather, land or people. )

I've never lived in my country my whole life. ( Spent my last 4 + 1/2 years in NZ ) I've been away from my hometown for 10 years.

And yet, in less than 2 months, I fell in love with my country, for the first time.

This is my hometown.

The weather is very humid. When it rains, there isn't much of a difference except being soaked. 
When you look around, the place looks ... not so good-looking. 
There's so many crocroaches here, and they are like bigger than my thumb. Oh, and they fly. 
There's not many liang people. 
The food is decent, unless you're into a lot of noodles and meat.
When you go to a shop, the staff usually follow you around without saying anything.
People give you 'looks' and the illegal immigrants known as 'pilaks' gets blown away when i walk past. dayuum. Nah, as long as you have legs and you're a girl, they'll blow their whistle any day.
The clothes here are pricey.
Everyone here smokes. Even if you don't smoke literally, you'll inhale smoke everywhere.
They don't have a proper ball/prom here.
I get stuck in a mini traffic at least once a day.


Many of the people here have really amazing personalities. *sigh, must be sabahans. (JOKES. KL people are great too xoxoxo) 
They have really cheap malaysian/chinese/indian/malay cuisines.
Malaysians love them koreans. (MANY korean cosmetic shops)
Almost everyone goes to some sort of church.
They have many public holidays.
The people here are very open, espesh the boys.
The people are really down to earth, and they will accept you regardless.
 They've got a lot of good desert and drink shops (OCHADO, yoyo cafe, zen Q, etc)
Malaysians are always out for supper like REAL late (they call it YUM CHA).
Milo Ice is sold everywhere. This is like the national drink. (it should be.)
They have many competitions here.
Malaysians have a good sense of humor. and weird and dry too.
They are multilingual. 

 Sabah isn't a place I would've found myself falling in love with.
Me and Sabah just don't click. But something about Sabah has made me fallen in love with the country itself. I can't really explain why, but I know that a big part is the people.

I told myself, and God, that if it is his will, I wanna marry a malaysian.
LEWL. i remembered malaysians was one race I would always tell my family I'd prefer not to date.
But yea, people change.

Anyways, here are some pictures I took last week. :)


Esther and I
 with matching colours :)

Nath and I :)

Aaron and I :)

Jonathan and I :)

Many of our youth (Likas) sitting together :D

entrance of the stadium!

we were early :) Ze peeps.

some people when we arrived early :)

The stands!

John and I looking like retards :D
John and I on that Sunday morning!

hehe, Esther and I with matching patterns :D

me making a face. :3

I'm shoooo vain, lewl
Bernice, Elve (on top of me) and Aaron in the arcade playing some game!

Elve and I :)
Bernice and I :)

Nath and I (with his really fake camera effect)

SIB KL group presented us the JUBILEE song :) sho cute.

sorry for the shitty phone quality, my camera went out of battery.
Nath camwhoring on my phone :S

I'm so vain :S

yea, i don't even know why.
The fireworks after!

Supper after :)

And the rest of them.
Who I have lunch with almost every single weekday.
So that was my week, last week. :)
I promise I'll take more pictures and update on my life.
I've just been pretty busy. but i will update daily on Stranger in my own hometown :)

P.S- The photos are taken from my camera, my phone camera and some of my friends' phones. The pictures are taken on Malaysia Day, Malaysia Day Public Holiday and Friday.

Anyways, GOD BLESS you and Malaysia! :D
Goodnight lovelies <3 br="br">

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