Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rant: Second Chances

Hey popes. I know, I haven't done a rant in foreeeeveeeeer. and a post. So here I am. Ranting on Second Chances. I think we've heard it all before. 'Do you think people deserve second chances?' etc.

So just a few days ago, I placed myself in a position (in my thoughts). I was wondering, if I was to be in a relationship with a guy whom supposedly liked me forever, and his love for me was like gallons, and we were just yaknow, all that. And then he got the chance to idk, hookup with some girl, would I give him a second chance?

Okay, I admit, that paragraph was a bit hard to process. I even got stuck finishing the sentences. -.- What I'm actually thinking is about a certain guy I know. I was just putting myself in a situation where I could doubt his feelings, and everything else. Regardless of what he has told me, or what he told others. Even after all we've been through, would he cheat on me? - that's if to say if we were in a relationship.

If he was to, what ever would I do?
okay, that sounded corny. but seriously. Have you thought of the question?
' Is second chances really worth giving? '

In my case, I really haven't been through this, and I hope not to in the future. I imagined it would be hard for the girl. Would it not suck? Imagine everything you've been through with a guy who you thought loved you, and he cheated on you, with your bestfriend, or a friend, or a stranger. It doesn't matter really.

okay, it kinda does. if it's your bestfriend, it would suck more for you. losing 2 people who are important in your life. but if it's a stranger, that would suck for the guy.

Anyways, back on track.

I really have thought about it. Would i give second chances to him - if he did cheat on me?
If the time comes, I assure you that my decision could vary. It's always easier to say it, instead of doing it. Like it's hard to take your own advice, hypocrite. Yea, I'm talking to myself.

Speaking of advice on relationships, someone asked people a question on formspring; Something like 'out of all your friends, who gives the best relationship advice but is still single?' and guess what? I win. 3 people said my name. I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing. haha. but then again, it directs us to the fact that it's easier to say something, instead of doing it.

If a guy cheated on you, you need to re-think everything. In fact, you probably will. You are most likely to doubt everything he's ever said to you, everything he has done. If I was to be in that position, and the guy apologizes to me, begs for my forgiveness, says he actually loves me and all those possible bull-crap;

I'd know that he doesn't deserve the second chance. All due to respect and everything, if he apologized sincerely. Good on him. It just shows he past the line of below average.

but if you really loved her, if you really did, you wouldn't let some other girl/guy tempt you. The truth is, you're always gonna find/know someone better than who you like, than who you love. Always. Haven't you heard 'There's plenty of fish in the sea'? It's true there is. but mankind keeps eating them, and eating them and eating them. And there's still more of where those come from. Likewise, the girls and guys will keep coming.

Awhile back, I asked my God-father, 'How do you know kaima(God-mother) is THE ONE for you? how would you know that there could be someone better out there?' My god-parents are like high-school sweethearts. They've known each other as kids, and dated for 10 yrs before getting married. He replied to me 'There is someone better out there. I can find women who are prettier, who are smarter, etc. But why I don't, and what makes me stay in this relationship, is based on the things we've built together over the years. If you think you've found someone better, there's always gonna be someone better than that one, and better than your new one. And the cycle goes on. There's billions of people in this world, you can't keep chasing after one and then the other.'

okay, so I changed it slightly. WHAT. -.- it was ages ago, I just remember the bare minimum and the meaning okay?!

But you get it, right? there's always gonna be many girls, many guys. If you do catch yourself in a tempting situation, perhaps you should think about the person you're in a relationship with, everything you've built together as friends, as a couple. At least have some decency and respect to wait, and think thoroughly, and break up with her before you jump into anything else. What's the point of keeping one for physical benefits? And have the other one for emotional, physical and all that. Can you not keep your horny-ness in a bottle and give it to your partner?

okay, maybe you can't. but you know my point.

I came across pictures on tumblr saying 'second chances are worth giving, but not to everyone.' That's true. It really does depends on what, when, who, why, all that W's. Would you give a second chance - to the person you like/love, or is closest to liking?

It's kinda hard to grasp the whole thing isn't it? Well, that's my end to my rant. (: I shall be posting a post sometime next week, for my belated 16th! I know -.- what is this. But it's because I wanna include everyone's presents too, and many of them are late ones. *sigh. Until then !


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