Monday, July 9, 2012

Meet my bestfriend: Katie Lin

                        This is my bestfriend

I can't remember the exact date we met, but we met properly at Botany Downs Secondary College, at the first day of school. I knew of Katie, because she was in my intermediate, but was never friends with her. At my first year in New Zealand (yr 7, 2008) I met her from our Kilkenny somerville bus line.

She wasn't the same person I see today. The memory is a blur. I just remembered her as someone who always had food and all I knew was that I had her number. I didn't hear much about Katie during our short two year period in Intermediate. I knew of her because she was the girl who had a thing with my first biggest crush. and the remaining I heard of her was in yr 8, the fact she didn't like Ming, she went out with Andrew and the quarrel between her and my good friend then, Judy Lou.

My first real impression of Katie in college was that she wasn't quite a big fan of me. I didn't bring my pencil case that day, and somehow our introduction required a pen and our conversation went something like this:

Chelsea: Can I borrow a pen?
Katie: Where's yours? -.-

and that was when our friendship started.

At the start of our friendship, it wasn't ideal because she wasn't part of our 'group' from intermediate so I had conflicts with other people for being friends with her.

Although we haven't been best friends for long, I feel so connected to her in a way different from anyone else, and somehow closer, compared to my other best friends, or even past best friends. She hasn't seen sides of me they have, but yet I feel as if she knows me more.

I'm physically and emotionally comfortable around her. She is actually the first person I shared my deepest darkest secret with. And, my only. (Katie; The one when we were sitting in the library after school, laughing and being embarrassed about..)

We seem nothing alike, but at the same time, I find that we have everything similar in a way. Something about her smile assures my day, her embrace that comforts me, and her words that encourages me. I'm not afraid to be who I am with her, or even someone I'm not. I can't explain our friendship completely.

Although not many captured memories, it seemed as if the ones stored in my head are millions. I'm usually the influencer, the one people said stood my ground, the strong one. With her, I feel different. Not in the opposite way, nor a bad way.

She says she can't speak well, make herself seem that she is not much of an influencer nor someone with much characteristics to admire, but she influences my everyday that I can't imagine living it without her.

Her words build me as a person, like a backbone to always encourage me. Her sweet smile makes everything better, and something about her brings out a different me. Something no one has. Whenever I think of the word bestfriend, she's the first to come up, regardless.

I can't find the right words to describe the depth of our friendship, or what we've been through. Everything I can describe, is just the words that form a blurry picture of your imagination at the most.

She has limitations, as in she has a really strict family and boundaries, I do too. But whether we hang out outside of school as much as I do with my other friends' or less, she still means the most to me. Although we don't have many 'special' memories in mind, whenever I am with her, or just talking to her is enough.

Katie plays a big role in my life. I won't say she has perfect characteristics for a bestfriend, or that she tops all of them( them being my past and current bestfriends ) like that. But she truly is my best friend. We've seen so many different sides of each other and there's more to come!

Whenever there's silence, it's always the comfortable silence. When she smiles, I smile. She makes me happy just like that. She's such a joy to be around, and I feel so different and truly comfortable with her. She knows my thoughts, and me as a person. I'm not sure what she sees in me, but she seems to know everything.

I'm not afraid of telling her my weakness, or flaws. All my flaws. Because sure, she has them too. and I feel as if she relates to me in everything I say, do or feel. She'll always be in my heart and at the back of my mind.

Katie, thankyou so much for your friendship over the last few years. and I'm gonna thank you in advance too, because we're still gonna be best friends for the next 3 years. I love you so dearly, and even if we have our 'quiet' moments in our friendship, you'll always be my best friend. Because you are my best friend. I love so so many things about you, and I have, and am still learning many characteristics and behaviour about you. So don't forget to pick me up in 2 or 3 years time. It's a promise you made to me. (:

I love you, 我爱你

your bestfriend, Chelsea.

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