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Meet my bestfriend: Stephanie Zhang

Where do I start?

Bestfriends with a girl for almost 5 years, there's heck loads to say.


I first met Ming (her name then) in 2008, Somerville Intermediate, room 11, yr 7. Most people in our class have settled in, but Ming came a week or so after the first day of school because she just came back from her vacation in China. (Ming usually goes back every year). My first impression of her was.. well, I didn't quite have an impression.

2008 was the year I got to know her. She wasn't exactly my main bestfriend at the start, that's because she didn't know me and she had her group of friends. I was bestfriends with Sookfie Chai and Haleigh V that year, but around half of the year, we became closer.

I found out she lived on the same street as me (still does) and that brought us closer. We would go back home and go to school everyday together. Our hangout place was mainly at each other's house. I was probably very innocent then, I just got out of my childhood, and entering pre-teen.

We loved to play sports together; basketball, dodgeball, newcomb and so on. She was like my right hand. If we were in a relationship, she probably wore the pants. She knew everything. She was smart, she played sports well and she was confident.

Camhoring became one thing we both always did, as times went by. We took TOOOOOOONS of photos. Sadly, I would post it up, but my mum sold our old computer and ALL MY PICTURES WERE ON IT T.T  and my usb got stolen, so I'm so sorry I can't amuse you with our silly camwhoring.

Ming and I were the best of friends throughout 2008 and 2009. We were always there for each other, twinnies, etc. She was my self esteem, confidence and courage.

Things sorta changed for us at the end of yr 8 right through yr 9. She changed drastically from her looks to her personality. She was different from Ming, and I would compare Steph to Ming always. Problems arose in our group of friends. She was the first to change. As in suddenly putting make up on, changing her crowd and personality. She was definitely not the same, her attitude and character became more obvious. We started to hang out less, and soon enough, we drifted apart.

For awhile, we would call each other best friends, but the title soon was meaningless. As I accepted who she became, we grew distant. She was in my class, and my daily life, but outside of school, we were almost strangers. She did her part for a bit, she tried to invite me to her events, to meet her new crowd and so on, but I refused. I held a grudge against them, because I saw it as someone trying to steal my bestfriend. They stole who she was. They were the reason she changed.

But as months went by quickly, I started to adapt to the changes. It became a daily routine that I couldn't give a slight damn anymore. I had new best friends that came into my life, and steph still lingered, but she wasn't that important anymore. We would have our good and bad times, most times we were close, other times we were meh. Rarely though. Whenever I'm with Steph, we got along just fine. Whenever her other friends were around, we were like strangers.

At some point I wondered how could this person ever become my bestfriend? I was hurt, because who she chose to change to, I slowly realized it wasn't her crowd, but the person itself. Like I said before, I accepted it anyways. We were going good, but she meant barely as important as anyone else. I was the one she told everything to. I would be there for her, behind the scenes. I didn't need her crowd, I didn't want to be part of it, but my friendship with Steph - I still held on.

At some point in 2011, we got closer. Steph started getting bored of her popularity. I've seen her change faces, friends, crowds and attitudes in a short period of time. I've seen all sides of her no one has, I knew every single detail she knew. And because Katie was a big part of our friendship, she knew many of them too.

When I look back, Steph has changed alot. She's now in the middle, alot like her old self - Ming, but still a big part of Steph. If I could look back, I don't think I'd change anything. Steph has changed for the better now. We're much closer, and I'm glad. I learnt to give into some things about her, and we both compromised. This year, I got to know a few of her friends just slightly better. Steph and I have hung out alot too, which I'm glad.

Steph is my longest best friend, and we've been through so many things together. She's seen and known many things my other bestfriends haven't, and vice versa. Although my friendship with Steph isn't exactly the same with my friendship with Katie or Helen, she still means something to me.

I'm honestly glad that Steph sees me as a best friend all these while. She has a different way of appreciating people, but she's learning. Steph gives good advice and she tries to do alot for many people. There's more to her than her appearance. Steph is secretly emotional, and sensitive. She's confident although she doesn't express it much through words. She's strong, and she is smart. She's talented and chilled back.

If you got to see her from my eyes, that'd be wow. If I had to describe my friendship with Steph, it'd be the hardest. We have the best of both worlds. We have things in common and yet many differences.

I know that to keep my friendship with Steph in the level where we are at now is quite hard already, and distance will be much of a challenge. I'll miss her alot, definitely. I'll miss her typical smile, her sudden hugs out of the blue, her comments, honesty and stuff. :) haha.

Steph, I'm not sure if you can tell, but am having a hard time describing our friendship and you as a person. We've been through heck loads haven't we, that thinking about every single memory can be impossible? We have shared so many things together, and I thank you for being by my side as we both grow together. We both have changed, and yet we're still so much like how we used to be. :) You're a strong person Steph, almost nothing can get to you. I know you're not the type to keep in touch much, but I hope you treasure eveything we've had together. Because I know when I come back, regardless of our crowds, surroundings, appearance, character or personality, we'll click instantly. Because we've gone through so many challenges like such, and yet we're still best friends. :)

I'm always here for you, from the little things about cute boys, to the big things! You're a smart, talented, pretty girl. I hope you use all of what you have in great use! I'll definitely miss you. Thank you for teaching me many things, for encouraging me when I really needed it and for trying lately.

Don't kill me for posting the bare minimum of our ugly photos. They are what made you part of who you are. you should be proud :') I am. I hope you'll still be kind and give me the rest of the photos! :P haha.

Steph and I 2012

Our friendship bracelet :3

Us this year!

Steph and I with contacts on last year!

Steph and I in yr 8!

Steph and I in yr 8 being twinnies! haha

Us being 'twinnies' in pink.

Us in yr 7 - my birthday! notice how the rest changed too? :3

Us last year - at momo tea!

Us camwhoring last year 2011

Steph and I in yr 7!


Steph and I in yr 8!

and again!

Steph and I in yr 8 (2009)

Steph and I in yr 10 (2011)

Steph and I this year with Katie!

and again!

and again!

and again!

Steph and I this year :3

Steph Katie and I at camp (yr 9)

Steph Katie Helen and I (yr 9)

Steph and I this year (:

and again!
p.s - There are more old photos, but Steph won't give them to me ;[ so yea!

Chelsea :D

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