Monday, June 4, 2012

A long weekend on a long post.

Hello marshmallow.


It's June, FINALLY. :D That means my birthday is coming very soon. School is ending soon, and I'm leaving soon. Thankfully, we have monday off so it's a long weekend! (WHOOPIE) So I celebrated my long weekend like such:

Friday: Kenneth's hang out - Da Bin Lo

Kenneth's hangout was actually pretty fun! (: We had a great feast, we played lots of games and just talked. His guest list included of Charles, Katherine, Wendy, Rachel, Hayden, Kelvin, Aimee, Sunny, Judy, Myself, John, Teresa, and later on, View and Rachel Yong. I knew almost everyone there apart from Sunny and Teresa. It was actually really nice getting to know some of them. Teresa is really .. um, hyper and funny. haha, and a tad crazy.

Overall, they all were really easy to get along with, and most of them are ball partners! ;D (Kenneth and Sunny; Hayden and Wendy; John and Rachel; Kelvin and Aimee; and Charles and Teresa;) cute aye? Around midnight ish, 6 of them went home, so we just sat around the table and bonded over a game of questions. How classy. Kenneth was a really good host, he was talking to everyone, and he just had everything sorted. And his friends were really helpful too, in cleaning up. Wendy, Teresa and Rachel did the dishes. And some of the guys just helped clean the table and stuff. (: So yup. here are the photos of the night itself.

DA BIN LO! (not spicy)

DA BIN LO! (spicy)

Charles and John!

Rachel, me and Katherine.

Judy, Sunny, Kelvin, Aimee and Kenneth!

Charles, John and Hayden!

Judy, Sunny and Rachel!

Kenneth :3

Kenneth and me. 

Kenneth as a kid!

hey its us.

my bangs didn't work with me that day.

aw charlie.


and again.



AW <3

Teresa purposely ruined the photo.

Rachel wong and I!

lol. aw hayden looks like a kid :3

Hayden and I!

and again.

and my eyes were closed.

Judy and me

Katherine and I
Judy, John, Kenneth and Sunny!

Aimee, Kenneth and Teresa!

Aimee, Kenneth, Kelvin and Teresa!

and again!

Kenneth, John, Kelvin!

Charles eating.

A bald Hayden

Charles eating. :L
p.s. the last 8 photos were given and chosen by Aimee (:

Saturday: Farewell party (Family Friends)

So on Saturday, I went to a farewell party our family friends threw for us. There's no photos of me with everyone, because they're mainly with adults. And I was mostly camwhoring with my family. (lewl) The guest list were a couple of family. 10 families or so, so quite alot of us. but some are adults and kids that I personally don't know. And away with the pictures.
Julius and Emmeline (and Snowy!)

Esther and I!

Emmeline and I!

And again.

Esther and I camwhoring in the toilets.

She's checking herself out, lol.

Me smiling with my teeth, lol.

and again

and last camwhore.

The food!

A quarter of me, them, and half of Esther.

Snowy on a high chair! CUTE :3

Playing Super Mario Bros with Esther, Joshua and Tom.

Snowy and I!

My mum, snowy and I!

My weird-looking sad face.


and a blurry loser one.

we're the last 3 families. :S

Grandma and I!
lol me camwhoring.

one of my new frequent posses.

So yea, as you can tell, on the day, I caked my face, and did my hair, dressed up and all. I love what makeup can do to your face. lewl.

Sunday: Farewell dinner (Family friend)

So today, I woke up late because I slept really late from last night. probably 3 something in the morning. So by the time I woke up at 12, I missed church and just sat in front of my computer playing tetris. But that's okay because I made it up to yous by taking photos of me in the morning, still in bed.

lol morning.


my new favourite pose.

the food that night.

Essy and me.

me again.

i chopped my hair off. jokes. its just the lighting.

LOL, it's actually Esther's hands.

Monday: Camp worship meeting & Movies with Judy Lou!

So I got up this morning at 9am because I had a camp worship meeting to go to. It was just a few hours of worshiping God with really lovely songs, and it was just a great time.

CiCi, Harry, Sami and Sable

The leaders having a talk about who's in their group.

Kenneth and Isaac mui mui. :L
So after the meeting, I went home and used the computer, Sweet life. But then I decided to watch The dictator with Judy Lou due to some change of plans. (: 




Judy so purty.

LEWL We watched The dictator!

So yup. In 4 days, I had a fringe that didn't work with me, a fringe that did, a middle part that made me :( and i decided to pin my hair back on the last day since I haven't in forever. That concludes my long weekend. hope you had a better one :D


oh, and I hope this made your day. It definitely made mine.

we were attempting to make a kewl family photo. I know, I win.
lol jokes, I look gay. WHY FRINGE, WHY T.T and facials. I have the funniest facials ever :(

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