Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet the Family: Weekend roadtrip



How you doin'? I just came back from a weekend roadtrip with my family (Dad and mum, God-father, God-mother, sisters, grandma and sister's boyfriend). We went to some place in Waikato, Coromandel? o.o
We drove there, which gave me enough time to take a nap. On the way there, Esther and I decided to camwhore and I took a few pictures of the scenery.

camwhoring on the way
camwhoring in the garage

Entrance of the resort!

I was taking a picture from the inside o.o

And the back!

Inside the resort

A house in the resort

I look very attractive when the wind is blowing, no?

After hours of napping and driving, we finally arrived. We arrived around evening. The place was really lovely. My God-parents said they picked it specifically to my wants, meaning somewhere clean and nice. The Bach consisted 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms/toilets, a living room, dining/entertainment room, the kitchen and a garage. The place was modern and spacey. After hours of driving past trees, flowers, hills, animals and more trees, I was really surprised how the resort looked. It reminded me a bit of the fancy houses in Dannemora. The surroundings were just a nice scenery, very very spacey, and those fancy golf grass. We also had 'neighbors', but like I said before, the place was really really spacey. So there was just less than 10 houses at eye view.

My God-mother greeting us :L
The house on the outside!
My view when I'm standing infront of the house (house is at the back of me)

Our surrounding

The backyard

We stayed at the bach for 2 nights. The only time we left the house was when we were going back. The house was actually filled with entertainment. There was a Billiard table (pool table), a dartboard, table tennis and a TV. So in just 2 days + , you could do alot.

There isn't much outdoor activities I can mention really. We just had a barbecue(for both dinner and brunch) and steamboat(dinner and breakfast). Eating together was mainly what we did, and the rest was just playing pool, darts, table tennis or watching movies.

Pork an Chicken :3


Mushrooms with garlic butter!

Our steamboat ingredients :3

Our snack that Kai ma prepared

My steamboat dinner!

Overall, I had a nice getaway with my family. In a way, it brought us closer. And, I think it gave my God-parents a chance for us to see each others' different sides. I think the place was perfect. I don't think I could wish for a better place. It was really clean, spacey and the furniture was in good condition. We were surrounded with a nice scenery, and there was a lot of indoor entertainment provided. We also had good food, thanks to my mum, God-mother and Julius.

A tanner me :L

A whiter me :L

Playing pool with grandma :L

Julius barbecue-ing!

I think the place is perfect for a family who wants to just pack their bags and have a getaway. Not much of a holiday, but just get away from everything, and relax together as a family indoors. So yup,That was my weekend. And here are some camwhoring I did (:

Esther, me and dad! on cameroid :3
Esther and I camwhoring :L

me snacking on tiny marshmallows! omg so cute :3 nomnomnom

NAWH. It's Julius and Emmeline :L fatties.

Esther playing table tennis with grandma;

My grandma! (mum's side)

My mum being a coach potato

TB : Ta jie's babe. 

My daddy!


My Kai ye napping.

My Kai ma cooking? :L
Me and my bowl :L
Hope you had a lovely weekend too!