Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rant: Flirting without intention


I know. it's a simple greeting today. and i'm very very sorry I haven't been ranting lately. I know I've been apologizing for my absence on my own blog, but I really am gonna work that creative juices of mine. Okay, that sounded simply disgusting. But, a freaking lovely lady ( I'm guessing it's a lady o.o ) left me a comment on my formspring last night saying :

just to let you know, i visit your blog everyday waiting for an update. i dont care if it's about your thoughts or how your day went. all i care is how much your blog interests me & how u inspire me in some ways. this is weird coming from an anon, i know

Isn't this person simply beautiful? She made my night. You know how I say there's many nice people out there? It's true. there is. Y u gotta be so nice? :3 And that person up there ^ is my inspiration. In fact, is my motivation to blog today. And, it's not weird at all to be anonymous. I love my anonymous questions directed to me. that is ofcourse, hate proof. But you know what to do guys, to yaknow. encourage me to blog ;D formspring me ;D *hinthint. (JOKES) but seriously. I love the encouragement <3

It will also be absolutely helpful if you wanna suggest a topic I could rant on. or even ask me for an advice anonymously. http://www.formspring.me/CheelseaLeee You know what to do. come get it. *pedo smile


Recently, the topic on flirting came across my mind starting few weeks ago, and flying across this week. I realized flirting is part of a daily thing in everyone. Whether it's sweet talking, the innocent eye contact, smiles, slapping each other, overly giggling, etc. It happens.

Sometimes, it's with strangers, acquaintances, friends, good friends, bestfriends, someone you're in a relationship with, your cousin, your overly cute step brother, idk. -.- It just happens. And many times, it's without intention.

or is it?

Why do people flirt? Why do I flirt? Well, according to a few people I asked, they haven't catch me flirting. But lately, I could be slightly naughty, considering someone asking Samantha on formspring this:

lols why does ur friend chelsea flirt with ur ex desmond? shes supposed to be a really good friend right? wtf..... o.o

Well anon, I admit it. I flirted with Desmond. FLIRTED. one night only. But I was only doing it because it was just like 2 players in a game. We were only joking. It's not like we like each other.. and Samantha may be my good friend, but it doesn't determine anything. Why should it be surprising and 'wtf' about me being friendly with Desmond? We were like that way before they went out. It's sorta his thing.

So yes, Samantha and I had an argument on that. Which lead me to this post, which I didn't finish half way through. 

Have you ever got caught up in the moment, thinking it was just all laughs and smiles, when really, feelings are behind it? Maybe that's a risk about flirting. The fact that the feelings comes as a surprise, that you only realize you fell for the person when you're caught off guard.

I personally believe feelings are included; In a way, attraction is one. Definitely. Is it controllable? I sure hope  so. Some people find themselves falling in a trap which includes best friends and a guy/girl. And that's when things get ugly and complicated.

I'm usually the type that watch my friends giggle, slap guys and so on. I don't find myself in the middle of a high pitch voice, screaming chasing after a guy to give me back whatever he stole from me. Because.. I just don't.

A week or so ago, a friend of mine asked me for my opinion on his girlfriend flirting with another guy. The oh so innocent sweet names and 'xoxoxo's. Sure, there's no problem with that.. If you're not in a relationship.

You should know that these are like - benefits to a relationship. Overly flirting is another thing. I'd say this is leading someone on, and purposely including feelings to it. It's obvious that you will flirt with people you're attracted to, not people you aren't. So why are you putting yourself in a position where you could involve feelings, whether it's from one side or both sides?

Flirting without intention; I'm sure everyone has been there. And, it's good to analyze yourself. Notice what you do when you're flirting. Are you the type to enlarge your eyes, use a high pitch voice or giggle a bit too much? Is there feelings involved, and what's the purpose of doing it?

Is it to make some other guy jealous, is it because you like the attention, or simply the feeling that flirting gives? I have no idea. So yea, just my own thoughts on flirting.

I personally think people don't flirt intentionally.. I think it comes, when the moment comes. And the picture below just makes me think. In a way, I guess it's true. Flirting is sorta a way of showing affection.. maybe to people you choose not to be in a relationship with, or people you long to be with.

Chelsea :D

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