Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Ideal guy

Hi there ;D

I've had people asked me 'What do you look for in a guy?' so many times. And, I've got to admit - my expectations/desires change constantly. But I've came to the conclusion on what I look for in my "ideal" guy. It doesn't mean I am ever gonna meet someone that ticks all my boxes or the guy I somehow like, will fit into these categories, this is just someone I see myself falling in love with so yea, I'm gonna start now (:

I D E A L      G U Y ;

- nice person in general
- willingness to help
- sexual purity
- A christian, someone who loves God
- right priorities
- right beliefs 
- commitment 
- loving 
- self-control 
- patience 
- honest 
- responsible 
- Good relationship with family 
- knowledgable/smart
- decent looking

So that is all I can currently think of. :S haha. Keep in mind this is just my ideal guy. I haven't, and don't think I will meet someone that has all my expectations for an ideal guy. I don't base my feelings on looks so much, just because I prefer the little things. A guy that loves God or is a nice person in general attracts me already. But it doesn't mean I like just anyone that has a few of those characteristics :S So yup;

ALSO. heeey there guys. I know! I haven't been blogging lately. And I'm so so very sorry. I know I keep saying that, but I just haven't been able to finish my drafted posts, and that feeling doesn't come anymore. like yaknow, that good expressing myself feeling. And I've been sick lately; I shall be blogging, hopefully soon. When I do find something to write about. (: but thanks again, to you dedicated viewers that give me my daily views. (: I think that's partly my inspiration. And I shall be posting a post on the 1st of June, about 'THE BIG NEWS'.

Until then,

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