Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Samantha's birthday dinner! (long post)

Heyo coolio.

Do I come up with the best greetings or what? I know this is a late post, and I wanted to blog on the day itself, but I did not have enough photos, so I figured I'll wait until I get all of them. On the 5th of May, I went to celebrate Samantha Chow's birthday! :D (It's a descriptive post on the day and just contains silly details)

On the day itself, I woke up at 11am ish because I slept late the day before, and wanted atleast 8 hours of sleep, but ended up sleeping a bit later than needed. I procrastinated to get ready; I spent hours wandering around doing nothing, on the computer, eyes glued to fb, formspring and youtube.

I was suppose to meet Sookfie by 4pm, and only started to get ready by 2 something ish. And as you guys may know, I'm vain. So I spent like 20 minutes in the shower, and the rest doing my body, face and hair routine. I checked the time on both my phones and watch like every 30 seconds and finally, I left the house at 3.50pm ish. I was actually caked with makeup, (although some people couldn't tell, maybe it's just me).

I wore a Supre black laced neck top, my Supre black skirt and black converse. I also carried a black handbag, which made me feel so emo and gothic, because I was black. But Sookfie said I didn't, so I was fine after. We went to get Samantha's present from Diva and Warehouse. Sookfie got her these bunch of necklaces.

I also recieved a text from Desmond saying he was coming and that Jackson, Sahil, Brian and Desmond was alredy at Manukau mall. Samantha later then asked where we were. We were all supposed to meet at the bus stop by 4.45pm When sookfie and I reached there, it was just a few minutes before 5pm and the bus was already there. with the door closed and all. Everyone (that was busing) was already waiting.

Samantha rushed down to greet us, hug us, etc. Then Sandra and Daphne came. My first instinct was to get on the freaking bus, considering we're still next to it, and the bus driver and I gave each other this knowing look. So he opened the door, and I'm just like jumping around saying 'GUYS! let's get on! hurrrrrrrrry.' so Samantha went back to get her stuff  which was left on the benches. They ended up missing the bus, they being Samantha (birthday girl), Zach (birthday girl's boyfriend), Andrew and Kelyn. We got on the bus though! (Sookfie, Sandra, Daphne and I!)

Thankfully, another bus to Manukau came 10 minutes after. We arrived at Manukau Mall about 30 mins after. We were camwhoring on the bus. Here are some pictures:

We met up with everyone else after at the Mall and decided to walk to Genghiskhan.

Skipping the details, we had a few rounds of food, and I swapped seats with people like 5 times. I got to know Samantha's friends better, which was nice. Her guest list was 7 boys (Desmond, Jackson, Zach, Brian, Sahil, Andrew and Kelyn) and 7 girls (herself, me, Sandra, Daphne, Sookfie, Winnie and Jasmine).

Desmond was cute as always, Jackson was very funny. and had most of the girls' eyes on him almost the whole night (including mine, and some of the boys). Sahil was quiet, and he suits Jasmine. Brian was quiet too, but he had this grin. Zach was random. haha. Andrew was surprisingly quieter than usual. and Kelyn was just himself.

Samantha was the cute birthday girl, Sandra was much more talkative, and we swapped a bit of thoughts on certain someone ;D, Daphne was also much more talkative. She's alot like Zach. and gosh, Sandra and her are both so nice. She looked so tall wearing heels. Sookfie was like herself too, just quieter. Winnie kept messing my hair at extreme -.- and Jasmine had a memorable smile on her face. :L haha.

It was quite a lovely dinner. I am really excited to hang out with them again! :D
We went to extreme afterwards, and most of them were playing pool. I played some shooting games with Jackson and he wun for the first one, but I wun the second one! (: I think he's really adorable and he's just filled with humor. and he's single, ladies. ;D After, I played with Desmond. And he's just cute. And gives me all the butterflies in the world. -.- We played hoops, fruit ninja, etc.

We went to mc donalds after, and we didn't order anything :S cause we were so full from our buffet dinner, so we just talked. We played truth, and I was bored to death; maybe it's because it was never really my turn, or the fact their answers weren't interesting or descriptive. -.- And Winnie kept putting her arm around and on me, to pretend to be Desmond. -.- for like idk, more than 15 times. =.=

Overall, I actually enjoyed myself. (: We were gonna go ice skating after, but it was too late. And I was wearing a skirt, and the girls wasn't so keen. So Samantha's dad took us home. Here's some of our camwhore photos.

Me: *YES! Sam : *fake smile

and again.

and again

Sandra, Me, Sookfie, Kelyn, Jackson and Winnie. 


camwhoring on the bus.

me and my first bestfriend in NZ (;

To conclude the day, Happy belated 15th birthday Samantha. (: big girl now ;D I hope you had a lovely night and awesome presents! You are one of my very good friends and I'm glad I had the opportunity to come across you in my life. (: I hope our friendship continues to grow, and regardless of distance or time, we'll still keep in touch! Love you baby girl. :3 visit her blog : she's a good blogger! ;D http://lifethroughsamanthachowseyes.blogspot.co.nz/

Chelsea :D

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