Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rant: popularity

No hi today, this is some serious stuff.

Ever since photos of Samantha in a recent hang out event I planned (The one I blogged about), someone/people are giving shit to her on formspring about her being friends with people such as Steph, Bertha Helen and Sonia. Of course, I couldn't just sit there and watch. The comments are getting worse, and sillier. Something about her not being in the same 'level' as Steph, Helen, Bertha and Sonia.

some of the comments were:

'levels on looks yes. helen sonia stephanie and bertha are all not on your level.'

'i knew tht helen and sonia is close with you but since did you become friends with bertha and stephanie? all of them are not on your lvl.'

First of all, what level? There's no 'level' for beauty. If they were, I would love to see what level your on. Stop judging people by their looks already. Are you freaking Vanessa Hudgens? If not, then STOP IT. people are not perfect and their looks should never determine their group of friends. 

Samantha is just friends with them. If you would like to be too, just talk to them. easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stop criticizing my friend. She's not affected by it. I am. because I don't like to see her having comments such as this, for nothing.

Do you go on anon just to put your opinion out there? Do you not think twice about your words? Do to others what you want others to do unto you.
If you have beautiful friends, doesn't mean you're beautiful. But your friends can influence characteristics that reflect your beauty.

Popularity is nothing. What will others gain out of it? Only the person itself will gain the benefits for awhile. It's not much. Samantha doesn't need or want popularity.

Popularity can be given or strive for. I know a few people who are very well known people that only wanted to belong, who gave into all of these peer pressure and did crazy things. In the end, they have popularity. While others, were given to them. By their looks or personality. Popularity is easy to grasp.

But ask yourself twice, is that your priority in life? Would it take you far? Do you just want more than 500 friends on facebook? Be invited to several events every week? Being talked about daily? Having guys chase you and girls wishing they were you?

You'll be fed up of all that soon. From 2 of my close friends experiences; I observed it internally and externally. There's always the benefit of it, but not all of it end up good. 

Think about the goals and dreams you set for yourself. Is it really what you want? And ask the beautiful 4 W's. What is your dream, Why is it your dream, When was it your dream, Who is involved in the dream. 

Evaluate your thoughts and perspectives. It's obvious this anonymous person who's sending Samantha these comments obviously have the wrong goals and thoughts. The way you express your words, actions and thoughts, show alot about who you are as a person. 

Well, it's the end of my rant. I can only say this much; In the end of the day, its the person's choice itself. Although they may be anonymous, doesn't change the fact of who they convey themself as a person.

Think twice about your actions

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