Thursday, February 25, 2016


the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Change is inevitable.
You see it everyday; as the sun sets, and as it rises.
You see it in the expression of a smile, or a laughter, or even a tear.
You see it in a loved one, young and old.
You see change in the good and even the bad.

Some changes, at the present, you may never see.
Like a feeling, a thought or even the very change of one's wellbeing..

I'm currently in a transition.

Early this week, I had a six hour transit in Melbourne.
(and that was only approaching our third flight, the third airport).
Deprived of sleep, blood-shot eyes and the chills that run through my feet;
I'm now left waking up past noon, and having irregular sleeping patterns.

Put that aside, I'm still in a transition.

A year ago, some time around this time, I broke down.

I'm in a transition.

I'm not where I left, but I'm not at my destination either.
I don't feel like I belong here, but I don't belong there either.
This isn't home, and that isn't home.
And it's complicated & difficult.

My emotions are in a transition.

I've let go, but I'm not where 'moving on' seems to be.
I'm not okay, but I'm not 'okay' either.
I'm not alone, but I feel lonely.
I feel like speaking, but the only voice spoken comes from my head.

depression? no.
I've never reached that point.
Maybe even when I have, I believe I'm not.
Not because depression is a disease or something to be disgusted of.
I just don't believe I've hit my rock bottom.
I don't think I'll ever hit rock bottom.

I'm just transiting.

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