Sunday, June 14, 2015

To the guys who are single and seemingly desperate


I know it gets lonely.
I know it sucks.
I know you know that this gets you down, but I want you to know something.

God has created you as a man filled with potential.

Potential that isn't found in women.
No, your worth isn't measured by how many girls who fall head over heels for you.
Your worth isn't measured even by one girl who thinks of you more than just a friend.

You see, as a man, you have a great purpose on earth.

What makes you a great man isn't being the biggest.
No, it isn't the man with the longest line of women.
It definitely isn't weighed by your skills, talents and achievements.

The start of your self worth, is knowing where your identity comes from.
It isn't faking confidence 'till you make it.
It isn't attaining self-assurance based on the applause or attention you receive.
It isn't the amount of experiences you got.

Your self worth begins when you look to the one who sees the value in you.

It starts when you look through His eyes, and you see what He sees;

You'll see that He sees a man in His own image.
A man that's not preferred by his height, or referred by his stature.
A man that's not valued by his medals, papers or elements.
A man that has the ability to activate what is already placed within him:
courage, responsibility, relation and conviction.

When you see what He sees, when you know what He sees..
beauty, freedom, opportunity, victory.

Stop looking for that girl to make you fulfilled.
Stop trying to fulfil a girl, that's not your job to do.

Instead, find the button to activate the great things God has installed in you,
because it's there, somewhere.

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