Monday, July 7, 2014

Hearts of men

There's this amazing video, that made me realise a hidden um passion?
Not really a passion, but something that breaks my heart.
A few months ago, I came across this video which was shared by a friend.
And after watching it, I literally mourned.

After a few weeks ever since, I was talking to a friend about it.
And turns out she shares a similar interest to me regarding this topic!
So I told her I would give her the link to the video.

Unfortunately, the video was not found.
And my friend who originally shared the video couldn't find it either.
So we left it at that, disappointed.

Then just then, I felt in my heart to look for the video again.
So after several searches on google, I managed to find it!

I won't mention much on the topic (for now) - but, just click on the link below.
I hope it moves your heart as well.


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